Monday, December 11

George Bush's Performance as President

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Judging George Bush’s performance as president

George W. Bush achieved the same degree of success as President that he has attained in all of his previous endeavors: failure. The man has failed at everything he ever tried to do. He was admitted to Yale as a legacy entrant, not because he had the academic credentials required of regular applicants. He muddled his way through, with his only major accomplishment being that he drank more than almost anybody else.

After Yale, he applied to the University of Texas Law School. He was turned down because he was not as qualified as other applicants. He then went To Harvard Business School, and once again his admittance was based on family connections and not on his credentials.

When he was eligible to be drafted and it was clear he did not have any legitimate exemptions available, his family used their influence to put his name ahead of several thousand others and enable him to enroll in the Air National guard. While in the Guard, he simply “blew off” an assignment for training at a base in Alabama. He did not bother to even show up.

After college, when he entered the “real world”, he was repeatedly bailed out of trouble by family and family friends. He failed as the head of an oil company in Midland, Texas, which might be considered an accomplishment. He found a place, again through family friends, on the board of directors of a corporation in the oil business. He sold his stock and left the board and had the wonderful prescience to do this a week before a company report showed a dismal forecast and the stock value plummeted.

In running for public office, he asserted (through spokespersons, rarely making the claim himself) a variety of accomplishments that had little or no basis in fact. Early on in his first run for president, it was claimed he could speak Spanish. After he said publicly that diez y seis de Septiembre referred to the 15th of September (it is the 16th) that claim was quietly laid to rest. His English is not very good, either. Then a spokesperson said he had served on active duty in the Air Force. A reporter checked with the Air Force and was told no, he had been in the Air national guard. When confronted with this, the spokeperson said a training assignment required him to be temporarily placed on active duty in the Air Force. The reporter went back to the Air Force and the response was “Absolutely not. He was never active duty Air Force, even temporarily.”  So that claim was also quietly dropped.

As President, he claimed that big cuts in taxes for wealthy individuals would increase federal revenue and balance the budget. It did not happen that way.

He completely ignored advice from the outgoing Clinton administration that terrorists in general, and al-Qaeda in particular, were a big threat to national security. He ignored a warning from the CIA in August that an attack was possibly coming soon involving crashing airplanes into buildings. He ignored the intelligence that indicated Iraq was no threat to us, and instead relied on fabricated stories of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and false allegations of Iraqi connections with terrorists. He wanted a war with Iraq, and September 11 gave him an excuse to start one. It was clear he would rather start a war in Iraq than capture or kill Osama.

This is probably the least intelligent, least curious, most factually ignorant President we have ever had. The man is and always has been lazy and ignorant. And he is proud of his laziness and his ignorance. It says a great deal about the intelligence and knowledge of the voting public that he was re-elected after losing his first run for the Oval Office (he lost the election but was placed in office by a bloodless coup d’état by the Supreme Court).

So what did he accomplish as President? He started with a very strong economy and a federal budget that was producing surpluses. His second term ended with the economy in its worst state since the Great Depression. The federal deficit is now at its highest level as a percentage of GDP since World War II. Wages are stagnant or falling while joblessness continues to rise.

We still have troops in Iraq and will probably be there for years to come. This is due to a war that was started because Bush had a personal vendetta. Osama is still out there and the situation in Afghanistan is chaotic.

George W. Bush will be remembered as a disaster as President. He is not competent to run a hot-dog stand yet somehow managed to take the most powerful office in the world. He was a poor manager and an even worse diplomat. Around the world his successor, Obama, has been praised not so much for who he is but more because he is not Bush.


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