What Kinds of Jobs Are Hot in Vegas

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There are plenty of dealers jobs here in Nevada. The pay is around $300 per day and up. You will like this job.

Cocktail waitress

Cocktail waitress makes around $400 and up per day. It’s great money. You will enjoy this job if you’re pretty and knows wine and alcoholic beverages or cocktail. You have to have experiences in order to get hired into this job.


There are also plenty of jobs for bartenders. They will make around $300 and up per day. It’s great money. You will have to go to school for it and have plenty of experiences.


There are some valets jobs here that pay around $200 a day with tips. This is ok for young people. It’s a job after all.

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers make around $200 a day. It’s decent but you can manage to live on it.

Show girls

Show girls make a good living, even though they have to have a really fit body but if you’re up for it then you will have a job. There are plenty of these opportunities.


If you’re a professional dancer or just a club dancer, you can find work in Vegas. They do make a decent living, like around $300 per night. You can also dance for shows like burlesque or showgirl and the pay is a little bit more.


There are plenty of management jobs in Las Vegas. They do get a high salary. You can train for management and you will do well in this field. There are plenty of jobs here for management. There are hotel management or cards dealing management.


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