Monday, December 11

Tips to Keep Your Girlfriend

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Give her more affection and attention

Your girlfriend can be looking elsewhere if you ignore her. You need to pay attention to your girlfriend. You can’t just neglect her and come back to ask her out. Women will lose interest if you neglect them. You should call her, write to her, take her out whenever you can.

Take her out

A woman will feel more special if you take her out. You should wine and dine her. You two should dress up and go out. You will feel great about your relationship. You should take her out once in awhile.

Minimize drama

When you lessen drama, it gives her less of a headache and she will stick with you more. Women and men both hate drama and cheating. They don’t like drama period. So if you tend to stir up drama then you’re in for a loss.

Don’t play games

You should not play games with them. You should be honest and straightforward with women. You should be honest and don’t play games with them. It takes sincerity and maturity to make a relationship works.

Give gifts

You should give gifts to your girlfriend to show them how special they’re to you. If you don’t they will think that you’re cheap and they will not want to be with you. A bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate will do.


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