Tuesday, December 12

Why They Should Not Produce Anymore Saw Like Movies

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When I saw the movie Saw, I just wish that they don’t make movies like these because they’re way too violent and they influence the audience negatively. They put the audience through a lot of pain and torture. I couldn’t bear to watch the people die in the games or being saw up. It was too much for me to handle. I just hope that they would tone down the movie after they release it. I don’t why there was no violence control on this movie. I wouldn’t want my children to see it. I hope that the producers of these movies tone it down and stop making violent movies like this. It teaches us nothing but gives sick more ideas. They should be ashamed of themselves in Hollywood for making movies like these.

They rather spend the money to make a nice and positive movie. I’m really angry when I see this kind of movies out there for our children to watch. It’s just sick. If you think that cutting up someone’s head or hands or body is fun then you have serious problems. We don’t need this kind of violence in this world. We have enough violence already so if you think bringing this kind of vivid grotesque violence into our TV is ok then you should think again. I hope that people don’t watch this kind of sick movies and don’t support them. If you don’t watch them or demand it they won’t make it. You can control violence on the screen.

There are violent movie out there like Freddy Krouger but it’s not as vivid as Saw. When they kill someone you see the blood spit up but you really don’t see the entire thing and I prefer this kind of subtlety in the movies. It’s much better and more interesting to watch then showing it all off. There should be some discretion to keep the audience wondering. I really feel that Saw should not produce anymore movies like this because they’re way too violent. They should tone it down and hide their vivid acts.


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