Friday, December 15

How to Care For a Colostomy Bags When You’re at Home

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When you have a colostomy bag, it’s hard to manage when you have to report to work or go out with your friends. It can be a hazard and also a self-image problem. It’s not fun to date someone and have to expose your colostomy when you make love to them. This is why you will need to learn ways to care for your colostomy bag and conceal them so that you won’t be embarrassed in public. Here’s how to care for your colostomy bag.

Keep it empty

You should empty it every chance that you get. When you empty it, it would smell less and you don’t have to carry it around.

Keep it clean

When it’s clean, you will have less chance for an infection. It should be cleaned daily.

Disinfects it

You can use alcohol swipe to disinfect it and it will stop bacteria growth.

Wear perfume or cologne

If you dislike the smell of it, you can use perfume or cologne to keep the smell down. You can wear this when you go out so people don’t detect it.

Bring paper towel in your purse

You can bring paper towel with you to clean up the pouch when it’s dripping or full or if you have an accidents. You will always need paper towels in your purse.

Wear an undershirt

You can wear an undershirt to hide it and to keep it clean from your outer shirt just in case you have an accident.

Wear a long shirt

You can wear a long shirt to hide the bag. A short shirt might expose it and you might be uncomfortable in front of people.


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