Friday, December 15

Damned Lies on Internet

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Lie is a vice that has tested even the greatest of saints in the history of mankind. It is therefore quite natural that mere mortals like most of us find it difficult to deal with those at times. Yet somehow most of us manage to deal with it, except those who don’t want to deal with it.

 There is a very common phrase, ‘lying through the teeth’, which generally means lying shamelessly and boldly. People do lie and all of them but I personally feel that though one shouldn’t get into the habit of being a habitual liar, the lies that doesn’t hurt or harm someone is somewhat acceptable. Still those who lie too much, their words must always be taken with a pinch of salt as they have themselves decided not to take the arduous and righteous journey of truth at most times. Politicians are masters of the ‘art of lying’, ahead of anybody whosoever and I feel there should be a different discussion to deal with the lies of a Politician; if at all those can be dealt with!

In real life you can catch a liar at times by studying their facial expressions and demeanour or their voice, how they utter the words, but it is very hard to take such calls in the virtual world of Internet. Here people lie so much that I believe they have two sets of teeth, one for eating and the other for lying and not only that the one used for lying probably has multiple tooth back-up in it or else the set would be empty within a month or two!

We all know how the scam sites advertise on Internet to fool and dupe people, ‘Earn 100 dollars a day’ and that kind of stuff but we have got used to it by now. Except for a gullible newbie I don’t think anyone would be taken by those ads. But we must get sick and tired of the lies that are sprayed all over the Internet by now that puts even the honest massive earners under clouds of suspicion.

Lies are a favourite weapon of the scamsters, which they use to lure people towards their well-laid trap! Scamsters are also referred as con artists as some of them have mastered this infamous art of luring and then conning people and they have an array of ingenious lies in their repertoire that they use as per the need. An experienced netizen would hardly bite such baits unless he or she has not taken the very much well-known precautionary measures but a new beginner appears more of an easy prey to such cyber criminals. Therefore the more awareness is spread to counter this menace the better would be the chances to save more people from being looted by such unscrupulous scum!  

There can be various reasons for lying blatantly and except for a habitual liar or a scammer who does it deliberately a person may lie to woo prospective referrals for their earning cause or simply to create a fake impression or aura around them. But those lies doesn’t last long as people is going to find out the truth at the end of the day and there would be no one left to trust that individual after that. Still some people like to use this wrongful means as a shortcut to the earning endeavours on Internet which not only casts them in poor light but also does irreparable damage to their otherwise earning potentials as well.

In sites like Triond also I see this malpractice very much evident. Where most members struggle to earn a few dollars every month there are people who brag of earning several hundreds of dollars every month. I am not willing to fall for such tall claims unless I see any credible proof of those; mere bragging won’t suffice. It is most likely that such people are spreading this kind of false news around to cash-in from those but for the sake of the overall credibility of the writers’ community we need to single those out and counter them head-on else the black sheep would outnumber the white ones.

Things are presently at such a pass on Internet that instead of taking many words with pinches of salt we would have to take those with bags full of salt and if it goes this way then even that much may not be enough! Hence honest people, people who don’t lie unnecessarily or habitually or for gaining financial advantage, should come forward and stand-up to counter the lies that have tarnished the image of Internet to a huge extent.


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