Monday, December 11

Wasted Efforts On Triond Mostly

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Before trying my hand at online writing I used to take part in various sites of the PTC (Paid To Click) section, which used to pay even less than peanuts, specifically for somebody who didn’t have a lot of active referrals. Those endless futile clicking of ads wore me down eventually and I dumped almost the whole section barring one or two sites that had paid me on several occasions and had better click rates than the other ones.

After joining online writing sites like Triond and Bukisa and working with them for sometime I’m having that wasted feeling again where my energies spent haven’t been able to produce much earnings of note.

Bukisa has been a little better of the two but not much better to be happy about. Triond on the contrary has been an utter disappointment and disgust to say the least. Even though Triond looks much better and professional than Bukisa with the various good-looking sites of its publishing network where it publishes the posted articles for respective categories, yet the result that mostly come out of such attractive posts are poor returns in terms of money. This not only happens to me but many writers on that particular site.

Though Bukisa doesn’t have the looks of Triond but all the adsense clicks that I’ve had so far have come from Bukisa. Even when it used to pay for page views it was much better than Triond.

To add to the woes Triond doesn’t allow content published earlier elsewhere like Bukisa. Furthermore Triond says that writers need to submit a lot of content in their site to earn. For such wasted efforts you’d get nice-looking badges from Triond to boast before others even though deep down you’d know how much worthy were those.

Bukisa doesn’t give such ‘hollow badges’ and neither asks for posting such voluminous content (I didn’t find so far) shamelessly like Triond. Also the fact that it makes even published content count helps a lot.

I’d mention here that I started writing articles on a little-known site named Exposeknowledge that pays upfront fees for articles and still continue happily to do so. It gives better satisfaction than the wasted efforts at Triond and Bukisa.

So I’d probably take a decision soon and that would be of dumping Triond. Even though I know that Triond have a large and widespread writers-community and many online writers earn from Triond regularly yet my experiences are somewhat different and that tally with lots of other people writing there or was once a part of the site as well. Still I may keep it alive a bit by posting non-articles, articles with very little and useless content, as many members do it there frequently. For articles that require certain effort and are of importance I don’t think Triond is the right place.

As far as Bukisa is concerned I’d certainly stick with it just because it allows published content. If that were to change in the future then that would be the end of Bukisa for me. Triond on the contrary will remain like a ‘Forgettable Site’!


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