Friday, December 15

Lochness Monster

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Robert Bremner who had once called “the Official Loch Ness Exhibition Centre at Drumnadrochit no longer a legal quarrel with the once called” the Original Loch Ness Exhibition “on behalf of the rights and potential confusion for visitors to this small town.

But after cleaning obstacle he now wanted to extend the tourist facilities on the opposite Hotel a member of a tribe but tactically he is at a disadvantage as the proposal Jacobite Cruises (see picture below) is ahead of the game and will receive board approval before the plan two months later . Bremner is set to appeal to both the plan for consideration at the same time not surprising that the two plans are very similar and so close to each other. As I write this it seems he has a way as council postponed the decision depends on further inspection site.

Now tourism is good for the local economy but tourism is too much is bad – only have to look at noise, trash strewn Loch Lomond to see it. Loch Ness has been shielded from the same fate because it becomes far more densely populated north from the center of the Greater Glasgow from where you can reach Loch Lomond in less than an hour. Loch Ness is 3-4 hours of driving and therefore a barrier to exit Glasgwegian day.

Thankfully, most of the Loch Ness without a tourist trap, roaring jet skis on the lake and stupid tourists leave a trail of debris. On the other side of the lake, topology and tightness in the way of any large scale development. Both Loch Ness exhibition just mentioned far from the coastline at Drumnadrochit but two new proposals “in your face” the development of the coastline. Win a commercial from a shoreline developments clear as one can not see the lake of Loch Ness Centre and a cup of tea at a Jacobite cruise ship will be less comfortable than in their proposed visitor center.

So what I think of the two proposals? It is ironic in this era of Nessie-skeptical that anyone who saw fit to make huge sums of money to Loch Ness but clearly both sides saw the potential for big cash in what they do as the Loch Ness scenically has a lot to offer. Ideally, I prefer any development to build on land that is currently developed as we have in the Hotel a member of a tribe. This will minimize the impact on the shoreline and will support the plan Bremner’s. However, in the interests of competition and avoid anyone who tries to dominate the scene of the Loch Ness tour, I’d rather see win Jacobite Cruises and introduce some competition for goods and services. However, their proposal involves the breaking of more virgin land and increase the horizon of tourism.

One thing I do not like to see is an approved two proposals that consider close to them going crazy and I suspect will damage the bottom line of both companies. For now, I lean slightly towards Jacobite Cruises.

Meanwhile, as major players in the Loch Ness tour competing for the hand over, a word of congratulations to the Old manse in Invermoriston B & B that has been chosen the best B & B on the planet by Trip Advisor users.


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