Sending a Fax by Internet

When faxes first came out they seemed like some sort of miracle technology.  You put a paper on one end and then called a number and it came out in a similar fashion on the other end.  It seemed like a step toward telekinesis or teleportation. 

But now faxes are a tried and true technology.  So much so that you can even send them over the internet.  There are different services to send a fax by email.  One is  You can buy a monthly plan or a yearly plan.  The prices are a bit steep however if you only plan on sending one or two faxes.  There is also a setup fee, meaning that if you plan on sending just a handful of faxes, it is probably better to go to your local store to send a fax.  Efax also lets you receive faxes by email, making email highly valuable in the management of faxes. allows you to send faxes as well and you can receive them via email.  Conveniently, they offer telephone numbers in your area code to make the process more seamless.  If you aren’t looking for a yearly memebership, offers monthly plans and you can send hundreds of faxes.

Surely there are other fax-to-email services out there so shop around on the search engines to look for a good deal.

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