Comparing The Apple Iphone And The Android

The iphone and the Android phone are two different cell phones that can use operating systems to improve the capabilities of a cell phone. Some of the new capabilities include rapid email and messaging systems, assorted applications, touch screens and the ability to multitask.

The iphone is manufactured by Apple and is currently only sold through AT&T. Very shortly you will also be able purchase the iphone through Verizon as well. Apple brings out a new phone model once a year with a big media event. It will only support the current version of the iphone and the last version of the iphone. If you have an early model, you are dependent on after market support.

The iphone features a video call camera, a 3.5” display screen, 16GB or 32GB of memory, 5mp camera, video recording at 720p, two noise canceling speakers, WiFi access, GPS, and Blue tooth features. The iphone comes with a touch screen and is light weight at 4.8 ounces. The iphone has over 225,000 applications or small programs that you can run with your iphone. This programs or aps allow you to accomplish various functions over a broad range. An example is runpee which tells you when to go to the bathroom during movies at a theater so as not to miss the important parts.

The Android or Droid is manufactured by Motorola and is available through several cell phone companies including Verizon and Virgin Mobile. The Droid comes with 8GM expandable up to 40GB, touch screen, 4.3” display screen, 8mp camera, video recording at 720p, three noise canceling speakers, WiFi access, GPS, Blue tooth and hot spot capabilities. This phone is a little heavier at 5.4 ounces. The Droid has only about 20,000 aps at this time but the number is growing. The Droid operating system is based on open system which allows more user discretion in using the Droid. Motorola tends to bring out new models at random intervals but provides longer in-house support than Apple does.

These are some of the differences between the two phones:

  1. The Droid does not have a video call camera.

  2. Memory storage is larger on the Droid.

  3. The Droid display screen is larger than iphone.

  4. The Droid has more speakers.

  5. The Droid can serve as a hot point for other equipment such as printers or computers.

  6. The iphone has many more aps than Droid.

  7. The iphone antenna on some G4 phones have reception issues.

  8. The iphone tends to cost less over time than the Droid at this point.

  9. The iphone is strictly controlled by Apple as far as improvements and support.

  10. The Droid camera is able to photograph detail better than iphone.

  11. The iphone transmits and downloads data faster than Droid.

  12. Both phones are only available on certain cell phone carriers.

Your choice of a 4G phone depends on many factors. These include your intended use, your economics, which cell phone service you can use, your programming abilities and even which apps each phone has. This is not a decision to rush. Look at all the factors before you make a decision so that you will buy the best option for you. The increased vendor sources for the iphone should provide consumers with better pricing on both phones.

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