Monday, December 18

Movie Review: Flame And Citron

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Flame and Citron Poster

Flame and Citron are the cover names for a deadly pair of Danish resistance assassins who target Danes allied with the German occupation government.  They get their covert orders from Winther who finally sets them up to target Germans, something that will surely provoke deadly reprisals from the Nazis.

The pressure of facing constant scrutiny from the Germans and the Gestapo while undergoing dangerous operations rattles the pair.  It leads to a breakdown in Citron’s relationship with his wife.  In contrast, Flame’s lovelife seems to sparkle with the conquest of Kitty Selmer.

Soon it is found that a traitor is in the midst of the resistance group and accustations begin to fly as agents begin to die.  Is Winther taking orders truly from Britain or elsewhere?  Who is to blame for the recent deaths of three of the resistance members.

Flame and Citron’s producers took pains to make an authentic movie with brilliant casting.  The acting is superior to many World War 2 films and because it is based on a true story, the motives are clear and captivating.

I highly recommend Flame and Citron both as a human drama and as an action film.  There are plenty of scenes with bullets blazing, offset with scenes of the psychic toll of war.  5 stars.


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