Carpet Varieties

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There are a variety of beautiful and colorful carpets available these days to choose from.You can buy Silk Carpet, Knotted Wool Carpet, Hand Tufted Carpet, Natural Fibre Carpets and so on. They have designs which are time oriental, exotic and uniquely modern. You can have them designed in any size or shape as per requirement and add colors to your place.

The Royal Indian Carpets

Indian Carpets are famous for their luxurious feel and royal touch. Each piece is crafted with hands and has wonderful color patterns and different logic patterns,stories and designs carved on them. These are unique and will be perfect for giving a ancient royal touch to your house.

Tibetian Carpets

These are handcrafted woolen carpets with beautiful symbols and pictorial representations on them. Dolma carpets are very famous for their contemporary pattern,vibrant colors and incredible hand spun Himalayan wool. These are rich in quality and durability.

Moroccan Carpets

They have authentic and ancient feel to them. Berber Carpets are very famous and very much in demand. These are one of a kind and very much in demand.

Velvet Carpets

These are my personal favourite. Velvet carpets are used mostly around the world. They give a soft, smooth and cozy feeling to your living area and are available in various colors to choose from and in thousands of designs. You can also customize your own.

The following things must be kept in mind while purchasing a carpet for your home:

  1. The size

  2. Color pattern

  3. Color Matching

  4. Durability

  5. Maintenance

You can find a lot of different varieties of carpets to browse from in the link below. I hope you find the one which best suits your dream home!


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