Monday, December 11

How to Discipline The Mind

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How to discipline the mind

     Yoga teaches us to make matter our slaves. Yoga means ‘yoke’ to join that is to join the soul of man and with the supreme soul of God. It is the analysis of mind, gathering the facts of the super-sensuous world and so building of the spiritual world. Concentration of the mind is the source of knowledge. Mind acts and under consciousness. The word consciousness is the only link in the infinite chain that is our nature. The word ‘I’ of ours covers just a little consciousness and a vast amount of unconsciousness, while over it and mostly unknown to it, is the super conscious plane. Through regular and faithful practice of mind, opens before us. We see before us as if new world open before us, new powers put into our hands, but we must not stop by the way, or allow ourselves to be dazzled by these beads of glass when the mine of diamonds lie before us.

  Three things are necessary to the student who wishes to succeed. First- Give up all the ideas of enjoyment in this world and the next we care only for God and Truth. We are here to know the truth and not the enjoyment. Leave that to brutes that enjoy as we never can. Man is thinking being and must struggle on until he conquers death, until he sees the light. The soul has no country, no sex, no place, no time. Second-intense desire to know the truth and God. Be eager for them, as drowning man longs for breath. Third- The Six trainings: 1. Restraining the mind from going outward. 2. Restraining the senses. 3. Turning the mind inward. 4. Fastening the mind to one idea. 5.Suffering everything without murmuring. 6. Think constantly of your real nature. Get rid of superstitious. Do not hypnotize into a belief in your inferiority. Without these disciplines, no results can be gained. We can be conscious of the Absolute, but we can never express it. The moment we try to express it, we limit it and it ceases to be Absolute.    


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