Unsolved Mysteries Series #1 – The Black Eyed Kids Phenomenon

The Journalist’s Tale

Journalist Brian Bethel was parked in an Albine, Texas parking lot late one winter night in 1998 when he heard a tap on his car window. He looked up to see two boys, between the ages of 10 and 14, standing outside. They asked him for a ride home so they could get money to see a movie. Brian was set to oblige but when he went to open the door, a horrible shock of fear went through him. The children seemed to sense this and began pleading, then demanding to be let inside. That’s when Brian noticed the eyes. They were pitch black. The children’s eyes had no iris, no white, and no other color. Horrified, Brian sped away and later reported the incident online. Rather than facing the ridicule he expected, people came forward with their own frightening encounter stories of black eyed kids. A Internet phenomenon was born.

Creepy Encounter in Mexico

One blogger recounts a tale told to him by his grandfather as a child. Back in the 1950’s, when the grandfather was still a young man, he had an encounter with what the blogger believes could have been one of the black eyed kids. The man was walking home late at night in his small town of Autlán, Jalisco Mexico. The road on which he walked held no houses and bore no street lamps. He was nearing town when he noticed a young boy sitting on the side of the road. Concerned for the child, the man asked what he was doing out so late. The boy replied that he was stranded by the road because he was so exhausted his legs would no longer carry him. The child pleaded to be given a ride on the man’s shoulders into town. Though he was uncomfortable with the idea, the man complied and lifted the child onto his shoulders. It was when the man grabbed the child’s feet to steady him, he noticed that they were not normal. The toenails were grown out so far, they resembled talons. Suddenly struck with terror, the man flung the child off his shoulders and ran the rest of the way home. He later recalled the child did not cry out nor did he hear the little boy fall to the road as he should have. Though the man never saw the kid’s eyes due to the darkness of the road, the nature of the encounter seems to reflect a black eyed kids encounter.

One Marine’s Story

A Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina also had a frightening encounter with these black eyed kids. Due to lack of funds, the Marine numbered the few men who remained in barracks one weekend in November, 2009. His late-evening movie was interrupted by a knock on his door. Thinking his roommate had, once again, locked himself out, the Marine opened the door. Instead of a drunken comrade, however, he found two little kids standing on his stoop, staring up at him. They’re eyes were pitch black. Swallowing a lump of sudden fear, the Marine asked the kids what they were doing out so late. They replied that it was cold and could they come inside for a while and read? They mentioned nothing of being lost or looking for their parents as most children would do. The Marine stuck his head out the door and looked up and down the hall. Perhaps this was some trick? When he looked back at the children, he found they had taken a silent step forward, closer to him. Tearing his gaze away from their horrible black eyes, the Marine slammed the door shut and locked it. For the next five minutes, the black eyed kids continued to knock, then the windows rattled, then silence. They were gone, leaving the Marine shaken and confused by the incident.

Though the accounts are all different, there are some common themes. “Black eyed kids” or “BEKs” tend to speak formally, as though they are much older than their years. They create a feeling of almost instant unease and seem to have an urgent need to be invited “in” to a house, apartment, car, etc. as though they cannot do whatever it is they came to do unless given permission. Are they simply an urban legend born of an over-active imagination or something terrifyingly real? If so, where do these black eyed kids come from and what do they want?

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