A Review of Ken Silver, Lottery Authority

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If you asked serious lottery players who they think has developed the most successful systems, the answer would probably be Ken Silver. Although he has been doing this for many years, his methods have stood the test of time.

Ken Silver worked on his system for over two years before he released it in 1991. His “My Silver Lotto System” became a lottery best seller and is still setting records today.

Millions have read and studied the over 2000 newsletters and blog posts written by Ken Silver. The thousands of testimonials that he has received from satisfied customers attest to his power of giving people what they want. And what people want is a simple and easy to understand way to increase their chances of winning at the lottery.

There are several other books written by Ken Silver about playing the lottery. My Lotto-80 Predictive Play System ? Another is the “Silver Lotto PRO System” The list continues with “My PowerSpread System”. “My Lotto Syndicate” contains tips most have never considered. There are many more, each of these systems offering something different in terms of games and strategy. Specializing in playing Powerball in the US and Australia, for example, is the “My PowerSpread System”.

For those that don’t feel they have the time or energy to spend on lottery playing, Ken Silver began a “Custom Profiles” site. This site uses his Silver Lotto System but instead of you filling out the information, he will do it for you.

Ken has also written several top selling eBooks on other subjects. One of these is the million seller “eBook Secrets” that gives his methods of successfully authoring and selling your own eBooks.

The systems of Ken Silver are directed toward the average player and that is what excites Masterluck. His tips and methods are straight forward and easy to understand. That does not mean a more advanced player cannot learn from his systems. Beginner and advance players will both benefit if they follow Ken’s recommendations.

Being able to motivate players is an asset Ken Silver has and knows how to use. He truly wants you to win. The concept that people want to be active is the centerpiece of his philosophy. When you are active, you begin to feel better about yourself.

Being active and feeling better about yourself even extends to lottery playing. When you buy a lottery ticket, how do actually feel? Your chances of winning get you excited. You wonder what you are going to do with your winnings. Life feels good.

Thinking about playing the lottery this way is very uplifting. You look forward to the next drawing with a sense of anticipation. Even if you don’t win, you know you are using one the best systems available and your time for winning will come. You look forward to the next time you will play because of this reason. You don’ have a sense of despair because you lost. Because they are not using the systems available to them, people continue to lose and feel bad about it.

Masterluck highly recommends the systems of Ken Silver for these reasons and many more. They have been show to work. The next success story of Ken Silver could be you if you purchase his system.



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