Saturday, December 16

Preparing The Right Snacks

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Do your children show poor appetite for the main meals?  If your answer is yes, then it is now time for you to check on your children’s usual food for snacks. What do you usually prepare? Do they have nutritional value? As a parent, it is your duty to provide your precious children good nutrition.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your school children’s snacks:

• Let your children have their snacks more than two hours before a main meal.
• Always make sure that the amount of snacks your children are eating is not too much. Snacking too much can lead to loss of appetite.
• Prepare whole-grain breads with low-fat dressing. Add vegetables for fillings.
• You can also place in your children’s snack bags healthy food like boiled kamote or boiled banana, or peanuts.
•  Include apple, orange or fresh fruit. (Fruits can be whole, sliced, cut into cubes or cut in half.)
• Refer to the Food Pyramid chart for the complete list of healthy food that you can include in your children’s snacks.
• Prepare healthy beverages like milk and fruit juices. Explain to your children why they should not drink soft drinks.
• Avoid giving your children junk foods for snacks.

Often, working parents are too busy to prepare healthy snacks for their school children. Being busy with work is not a reason to compromise your children’s health. So plan ahead. Using a weekly calendar is also helpful. Decide what your children should eat for snacks on each school day.


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