Packing Materials is The First Packing Tip From Hilford Moving

Tips For Packing: Preparation by using the right Packing Materials

First, we recommend you start with professional packing materials, including:

Tissue paper
Packing paper (plain newsprint)
2″ packing tape
Masking tape
A utility knife
Permanent markers
Professional quality boxes

Next in the Tips for Packing: The Right Stuff

Hilford Moving and Storage, Ventura, CA has a wide range of boxes and professional packing materials available for purchase to help you organize and safeguard your belongings, including:

Packing Materials include Boxes of all sizes and types

Dishpack (or China Barrel): Heavy duty carton used for dishes/china, crystal and glassware
Double-wall cartons: Extra protective cartons made especially for fine china, crystal, and other high-value, hard to replace items
1.5 cu. ft. cartons: Small carton for heavy items such as books, files, music CDs and DVDs/video tapes
3.0 cu. ft. cartons: Medium utility carton often used for pots and pans, toys, and small appliances
4.5 cu. ft. cartons: For bulky items, such as linens, towels or toys
6.0 cu. ft. cartons: For large, bulky, or lightweight articles, such as pillows or large lampshades
Wardrobe cartons: A “portable closet” that keeps clothes or draperies hanging on a built-in bar
Mirror cartons: Several sizes of telescoping cartons for framed pictures, mirrors or glass
Mattress cartons: Available in queen/king, double, single (twin) and crib sizes. A separate carton is necessary for box springs

And another handy packing materials item is Stretchwrap: A special plastic covering that safely adheres to furniture and protects it from snags, tears, and dirt

You will also need paper for packing and padding those delicate items but be careful to use newspaper only for cushioning – never place newspaper aginst items as the ink will rub off. It can get embedded in fine china, so be wary!

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