Easy Ways to Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

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When most people think about hypnosis, they picture some person on a stage doing silly, embarrassing things for the sake of a laugh. A lot of people don’t realize the full extent of the healing power of hypnosis. Hypnotism has been used for many years to help millions of people with their problems, fears, and stresses. It works on a psychological level to tackle issues from within the subconscious mind. Many studies have been conducted that prove the positive medicinal effects of hypnosis.

Have you ever considered trying to quit smoking with hypnosis? It may sound like a “far out” idea at first glance, but many people have used hypnosis with great success to quit smoking, lose weight, and conquer fears and phobias. In recent years, hypnosis has become well known as a highly effective treatment for a wide variety of mental and physical problems.

So what is hypnosis, anyway? Basically, it can be explained as a relaxed state in which the mind is open to suggestion. The hypnotized person is relaxed but still focused on a particular idea or problem. It is not the same as meditating, relaxing, or “vegging out” on the couch. Hypnosis is all about moving past the conscious mind and delving into the subconscious, where all of your deepest fears and desires are stored.

This part of your mind is like a sponge– feed it positive suggestions and imagery and it will soak it up. It doesn’t really know the difference between reality and imagination. It will take seriously any thought or idea you offer to it. Your conscious mind may think, “I’m not strong enough to quit smoking!” But tell your subconscious mind “I will overcome my addiction” — and your mind will believe it!

Using hypnosis, you can get past your mental setbacks and tap into the part of the brain that really defines yourself and your habits. Hypnosis is a way of “reprogramming” your brain.

Hypnosis isn’t like brainwashing, nor is it like some magical spell as popularly portrayed. It is actually a natural state that we frequently enter. Driving is a form of hypnosis. The physical act of driving occurs almost entirely in the subconscious mind– that’s how you can think, daydream and have conversations as you drive. In fact, anything we do on autopilot is considered a form of hypnotism. Have you ever washed the dishes, made dinner, or driven to the store, only to realize that you don’t remember actually doing those things? It’s because your physical body is acting on autopilot while your mind is somewhere else.

Many people have successfully quit smoking with hypnosis, either by hiring a professional hypnotherapies or using self-hypnosis in their own home with audio CDs or ambient music. Both methods have been proven effective, and you can decide what to choose based on your own comfort level. Either way, you’ll likely need to have multiple sessions for it to be worthwhile.

Don’t rule out hypnosis as “mystical mumbo-jumbo”. It is 100% scientific and has helped millions of people achieve their goals. If you want to quit smoking, hypnosis may be your driving force!


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