Early Signs of Pregnancy First 2 Weeks

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Having a baby is a life changing event. It brings smiles to everyone. If you are expecting a healthier pregnancy you should be prepared not just physically but also mentally. A good knowledge on what you will expect during pregnancy is quite useful. 

Am I pregnant? This is a common question of women expecting a pregnancy. Some women have a good perception of the early symptoms during pregnancy. For others these changes are unnoticed. Remember that pregnancy symptoms defer from woman to woman. However there are some symptoms which are common. It is important have an idea of all these symptoms as each of them alone may have nothing to do with the pregnancy. Some of these symptoms appear very early in about one or two weeks and others after several weeks. The early period of pregnancy is a time full of joy. You will rush for so many things such as future planning etc. How can you know that you are pregnant?

The pregnancy is a 40 week long period. During this period you will experience changes in your body as the baby starts to grow inside. Ovulation and fertilization takes place during the early stages. The vaginal discharge becomes clear, slippery and is increased indicating that you have reached the peak of fertility. At this stage the cervical mucous becomes stretchy. Hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone are increased in females.  This results in releasing an egg. If it is fertilized then it will travel to the womb. Some women experience symptoms in just few days after ovulation. For most others it takes around 10-14 days following ovulation.

         During the first week women may experience mild cramps. It can occur on either one side of the body or both sides. This is as a result the fertilized egg getting implanted to the walls of the womb causing bleeding. This is called implantation bleeding. Menstruation changes are agood sign during the first two weeks. A missed period or a late one can be indicative of a pregnancy. Changes of the breasts are also common during the first two weeks. They become swollen and sometimes you will feel a mild sore. The skin around the nipples may become darken. Fatigue, morning sickness and headaches can be experienced from the first two weeks due to the hormonal changes. 

Never assume you are pregnant just because you are having only one of above early symptoms. Look for multiple symptoms. For example factors such as stress, fatigue, hormonal factors, weight changes etc can also result in a late period other than a pregnancy. Once you start experiencing multiple symptoms it is advisable to take a pregnancy test.           


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