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Beautiful Bilbao:-

Situated in the Bay of Biscay in the Basque country , Bilbao is the largest city of the region and is famous for its Gothic Cathedral. The city’s museum is in the shape of a Fish and is admired by many . The museum is adorned by works of great legends like Pablo Picasso and warhol

The city’s historical monuments have since gave way for modern buildings due to the rapid industrialisation and the town is trying to revive  the few remaining archaic buildings .

The city of Bilbao and the country side around it can be  explored by hiring a cab. The beautiful and  small villages that  surrounds the town are a visitor’s paradise, especially for those who love nature and the virgin country life.

Bilbao offers a variety of sumptuous food for the good eater. The airport is well connected to other destinations and  hiring a car  would be fine to reach the destinations fast.The city  is surrounded by rugged mountains and one can explore the  province of Vizcaya.

Many visitors may not Know   about  the small town    “Gernika” that was  chosen for the subject of one of the master piece  paintings of the bygone century. Pablo Picasso the legendary artist from  Spain depicted in  Canvas the notorious  massacre  of the Spanish Civil War  of 1937, in his large and , haunting painting  titled Guernica. The devastating scenes were painted ,when the illustrious painter was  42 years..

 Burgos, the city on the southern side of  Bilbao, is a place worth seeing . Though extreme climate prevails ,the city is renowned for its landmark  cathedral, a classical example of gothic architecture.

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