Monday, December 18

The Risks of Free Registry Cleaners

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If you are an advanced computer and Internet user, then you are probably aware of the importance of registry cleaners. You know very well that constant downloading, installing and uninstalling of applications and software will leave junks of invalid files in your registry causing your PC to run very slow. But did you know that not all registry cleaners are beneficial to your computer? In fact, some of them may even inflict damage to your system instead of fixing the problem. There are some registry cleaners which are specifically designed to slow down your PC, infect your PC with worms and viruses, and even spy on your online activity.
Of course, registry cleaners are indispensable tools to keep the performance of your computer at its best. But how will you be able to avoid choosing the wrong kind of registry cleaners? Well, for one thing, avoid downloading free version of registry cleaners online. In reality, most PC users worldwide would rather choose to download free registry cleaners online than purchase one. There are about 92 percent of computer users worldwide who uses Windows operating system and the registry of this OS is the most crucial part.
Free registry cleaners abound in the Internet and many are asking if these free versions are trustworthy or not. Are they really just as good compared to the paid registry cleaners? The truth is most free registry cleaners are actually as good as the paid ones. This is because they make use of open source codes just like most paid registry cleaners do. The developer of these free versions of registry cleaners are merely volunteers and do not offers user support. They only get to earn money by accepting ads, thus, you get to see pop-up ads on their site.
If these free versions are as good as the paid ones, then what is the problem? The problem begins when the registry collects worthless information by the actions that your computer takes on as time goes by. Furthermore, free registry cleaner don’t have the capability to decide for some crucial judgments because they usually engage based on pre-programmed algorithms which makes them mechanical.
In some instances, these free registry cleaners may even delete important files needed to make Windows function. This will result to constant computer crash and even complete system failures. In order to avoid the pits, you need to ensure safety when choosing a registry cleaner. How can you be sure that the ones you choose are completely safe? One way is to visit forums discussing a particular product. You will be able to read several accounts of users who had experienced using free registry cleaners that you might have been considering.
Another key to consider is whether the registry cleaner has a registry backup or not. It should also provide customer support to the end users. But the most important thing to do is to avoid being tempted in using suspicious registry repair software. You have to be suspicious because it is free to begin with.


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