Love Tarot And How The Tarot Can Help Resolve Relationship Problems

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Without trust, it would be very difficult for closeness and understanding to develop in a relationship. Once betrayed by someone, the relationship is on shaky ground. Will the same thing happen again? What happens if someone more attractive comes along? Romantic ideals are shattered and a more suspicious element enters the partnership once a partner has been disloyal.   

People consult the tarot for many reasons including advice on relationships. All relationships go through ups and downs and there are probably very few couples who don’t have at least the occasional falling out. The relationships that survive are the ones where the each of the couple knows, deep down, that no matter what, they will always be true to the other.   

Most forms of divination will relate to love and relationships in one way or another. Romance is a vital part of life and it is often a question on people’s minds when they consult tarot readers, astrologers and psychics.   

In the Tarot, the suit of cups represents love, creativity and fulfilment. The Ace of Cups, for example, suggests joy and happiness, perhaps through the start of a new love affair. It is a card which shouts of trust in a relationship, where mutual understanding and passion is shared.   

The two of cups is all about partnerships and one-to-one relationships. This card encourages partners to support each other and to work on clearing up misunderstandings.   

The three of cups brings reason for celebration; trust has been earned and there is confidence in a relationship.  Whereas the five of cups depicts some form of emotional disappointment; is there a feeling trust has been betrayed?   

In the six of cups, romance is pleasing, simple pleasures are enjoyed and the couple are learning to trust and get to know each other.  Confusion is shown in the seven of cups. One partner might start to suspect the other of being disloyal. There is some uncertainty and perplexity in romance.   

In the Major Arcana, the Lovers is a card that also relates to love and romance. It might depict a relationship where there are strong feelings; perhaps as if the couple has known each other before in another lifetime. This card can also mean choices. Two paths but only one can be taken. If this represents a rival in love, could it be that someone is about to be betrayed?   

If Temperance were to be related to a relationship, it would bring balance and a feeling of togetherness. There would be no jealousy, no possessiveness. Only harmony and happiness.   

While the Empress represents fertility among other things. She represents a time when someone feels content, full of love and an increasing sense of togetherness in relationships. That togetherness is born out of truth … the vital ingredient in all unions.   

Patterns and opportunities can be seen in all cards. Just as, for instance, the eight of cups suggests movement in life or relationships, the message in this card is not to analyse too strongly: just trust!

There are many aspects of relationships and all are signified in the Tarot. A tarot reader should never be expected to make decisions for you but a sensitive tarot reading can help bring insight and greater understanding into your relationships.


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