Wednesday, December 13

American Attempts to Meet in One Year All Your Facebook Friends

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ArLynn has 330 friends on her website and many do not know personally.

Project ‘Face to Facebook “will show on your travel blog and documentary.

The American ArLynn Leiber Presser made a resolution at New Year 2011: see all his330 Facebook friends personally. “At first, I created an account on the social network tosupervise my children, “says ArLynn. “Since then, I’ve done more than 300 friends and Irealized that many of them I do not know. That is what I explore in this project, “he adds.

Called Face to Facebook (f2fb), the project will be a documentary, and daily blogArLynn trip to meet his friends from the social network. For this, she’ll go to Alaska,Mexico, Turkey, India and South Korea so far ArLynn already met 37 of its connections.

Excerpt from the blog:

face to facebook friends*

1.  face to facebook friend eastman leiber presser is named for dick and vivian eastman, my two lifelong best friends.  eastman studies at the timara program at oberlin college, where dick eastman graduated class of 1937.  eastman is incredibly talented at music and takes chance in his concerts and compositions that i can’t even imagine.  he’s one of the five great loves of my life.  and he’s on the oberlin bowling team.

2.  rena leonard is part of the style zone at 1139 w. sheridan road in chicago and you can book your appointment at 773 443 0966.  she also works at caribou coffee and there are days i could not wake up without her!

3.  mike castagna is a restaurateur living in winnetka.  i have know him for ten years–i hired him to be a props manager for a p.t.a. benefit i was directing.  i asked him for forty pink wigs.  he delivered.  the front end of a pontiac to be dropped onstage?  delivered.


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