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Europe Travel – Europe Vacations- Discovering Valencia -Spain

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Valencia vacations:-

Valencia one among the largest cities of Spain is situated on the coast of the Meditarenian sea. The city with a population of 739412 with an altitude of 13 meter above sea level is an ideal destination for beach and sports lovers .The monthly average temparature of this town varies from 15 in January to 28 in July with a humidity of 68%.

Though the main attraction of valencia is its beaches its landscapes is also a feast for the eyes of the visitors. Being the third largest city of sapin Valencia assumes importance in the tourist map of Spain.

Leaving behind a rich cultural heritage beginning from Romans the city houses some of the great monuments of the country like churches, museums and basilicas . Those who need some respite from the historical nostalgia and  monotonous  museums, Valencia  offers panoramic parks and beautiful botanical gardens.

Valencia also is the town of the famous festival of the las Fallas the memorable spring party that stages the traditional bull fighting, burning of the effigy , Music and lot of Fire works. No traveller who visits the city during the spring can afford to miss this festival .

Any tourist who like to explore the  Costa de Azahar  and Costa Blanca Would best advised to hire a car for his trip .Valencia airport is one of the well connected destinations in Spain with other places in the mainland and Europe. Just five kilometers away from the city the services to and from the Airport is fast and reliable. Two rail operators are operating the service in the city. One can also advance book for  tourist cabs through various reliable sites well in advance. Happy holidays in Valencia!

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