Wednesday, December 13

Black Hat Bookmarking

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There have been many discussions on the subject of white hat and black hat methods of optimizing your site on the search engines. With white hat, you are dealing with the conventional and linear way of placing your site into the search engines. With the black hat method, you are manipulating more of the search engine’s bots that crawl content through the Meta tags and html codes. What exactly does this have to do with bookmarking? It has to do with the way that you submit your site to these sites.

The conventional way of bookmarking a site is by going to each site and making sure that you have fully submitted your site so that it could get published on the search engine. With the black hat method, you are using the means of software that help you submit your site to several hundred sites with the push of a button. There are many online sites and companies that claim they can get you the best rankings online and you don’t have to submit them manually and allow them to do the submitting for you. You should know, when confronting these sites, that some of these companies are manipulating the search engines to draw the bots straight to these submissions. However, the only thing that will happen is Google’s suspicion rise because they will notice that you have just linked your site to hundreds of site in one setting. It’s just like spamming Google with illegal back linking methods.

This is why you have to be weary of those sites that promise you they will “manually submit” your site to hundreds of bookmarking sites within a certain amount of time. Most of them may just be using certain soft wares and bots of their own that can cause the search engines bots to be manipulated.

It would be best for you to stick with the normal way of doing things, which is to submit the sites yourself. If you don’t feel like doing all of that, the absolute best thing for you to do is outsource your work to someone who will be able to submit them for you. Visit my blog for more information on white hat bookmarking, black hat bookmarking, google seo updates, bing seo updates and yahoo seo updates and leave comments and feedback as well…


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