Tuesday, December 12

White Hat Bookmarking

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When we think about white hat and black hat, you typically think about Google’s search engine. Even though white and black hat methods of doing things essentially doesn’t have anything to do with Google alone, but with all search engines, Google is just thought of most of the time becuase of the dominating position it holds in people’s mind. When it comes to social bookmarking, there is a such thing as white hat bookmarking and black hat bookmarking. In this particular article we will be looking into white hat bookmarking.

First of all, let’s look at the difference between white hat and black hat. There are many explanations and articles concerning this subject, but the fundamental version of it is simply the difference between content being seen by users of the search engine or site and the bots that read the html, and meta tags of the site. This is where, if you are a savvy type of person in this category, most webmasters and others alike use certain methods of manipulating the search engines. This is also true when it comes to the bookmarking sites.

When you are using the white hat version of bookmarking, you are simply using the general means of keyword research and submitting your site to these directories to gain a certain type of ranking based on the site’s PR ranking, which will determine how high your site will rank on this site in the search engines. Essentially you will be able to do this on multiple sites so that you can rank relatively high on the search engines on each keyword phrase.

This is what makes this version of bookmarking white hat. For more free information on social bookmarking, bing seo strategies, google seo updates, differences between white hat and black hat seo, and you can leave comments on the blog as well…..www.imresourceblog.com


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