Difference Between Black Hat And White Hat Seo

There are many different perspectives of white hat methods and black hat methods of advertising online. These two are mostly associated with the SEO industry. You have the many responses from people and professionals when it comes to both of these methods. Some say that using white hat methods will enable you to stay in the clear from being rejected or banned from sites or from Google for that matter. As oppose to the black hat methods which consist of manipulating the search engines. However, is there a total difference between the two or is it just a simple case of polarization? Let’s explore this…

When you are presented with white hat and black hat seo, you are instantly put into a dualistic form of thinking like white magic and black magic. When you think of white seo than you should think of it in this way; it is just a process that conforms to the guidelines of the search engines or is user friendly for search engine users as well as making things generically easy for the spider bots to find the content you are submitting. However, when you think about black hat seo, you should think of it as the process that is more geared towards the search engine bots as oppose to the visual content that is displayed in front of the searcher.

The only reason why this is illegal in the search engines is because you are essentially spamming and redirecting the bots personal gain. This is just another strategy to dominate the search engines. It’s both tempting and unfair. It’s tempting for most marketers who are looking for any sort of way to get in front their prospects and then it is unfair for those who are trying to use the engines in a matter that isn’t intrusive.

With the help of Google’s everlasting changes with their engines, it is almost impossible to perform some of the methods on the dark side without getting banned from the engines in a matter of days. The difference between the two essentially comes down to the manipulation or non-manipulation of the search engine bots.

I wouldn’t recommend you to use any black hat methods, or at least too much because you can get into deep trouble with the search engines and might get banned for life. Just continue to do things in the right way so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with any unneccessary issues. You can visit my blog for more research on the difference between black hat and white hat seo, google seo updates, bing seo techniques, as well as leave comments and suggestions…..www.imresourceblog.com

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