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What Are The Basic Steps In Asthma Surveillance?

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You can test for asthma in two ways:

1 maximum current
2. the symptoms

Several studies have shown that regular monitoring of asthma is associated with:

Increase driver drug use
Reduced asthma exacerbations
The reduced emergency room visit

Asthma-what to track?

1. Verify that you have an asthma plan action. This is essential for the control of their asthma. Asthma care plans have been developed with your doctor and a work plan for asthma works. Based on your monitor can make changes to their drug use.

2. Register your symptoms. Records of maximum flow of asthma symptoms, or both to develop depending on the type of plan of action for you and your doctor. You can use a form as follows and trigger periodic symptoms. Also print the registration form of symptoms such as wheezing, oppression, difficulty breathing and chronic cough.

You can also record how often used his medication. If you have an iPhone, can daily efficient to control asthma AsthmaMD or asthma.

3. Writing Npsf. using peak flow meter, peak flow serve over time. If you and your doctor have agreed that this is an important part of its surveillance of asthma can be this simple test is powerful information about asthma control.

4. Look for changes in symptoms of asthma and peak flow. If know your peak flow drops or asthma symptoms of increases to monitor asthma action plan. Quickly due to his asthma action plan may prevent that a doctor or visit.

5. Be a detective. They are red or yellow leave the area, looking back in your asthma diary and ask yourself these questions:
* Find models that could explain the maximum flow of decline or symptoms?
* Miss my medication?
* Exposed to her could have triggers, I wasn’t aware?
* symptoms after exercise?

6. The newspaper is not useful if you forget it at home. Prepare for the next time you visit the arts, sure you take your asthma program with you, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can see your calendar with you and get changes to improve asthma.


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