Wednesday, December 13

10 Things Before Building a Website

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  1. Understand what you want. Too many companies do not know what they want on their website. Have you considered that people are online? Do you know what keywords they’re looking for? Do you know what sites they visit? You know why they are looking for on your site? If you do not, you do not know what you want. You want the satisfaction of customers. This is what you want (and hopefully generate more revenue as a result).

  2. It costs more and takes longer than you think. I can not count how many times he wondered how long it takes a website, but every time I was surprised by the average development time. However, almost every time “time out” with a website, which was caused by the inaction of the client (not a copy, do not send photos, do not sign off on the framework of the project, etc) You can delete most of the time-out in terms of content with photos, etc ready for download developer in the design.

  3. A website has several pieces, not cut corners. You must remember the following: Design – If it looks and behaves like my client expect? Content – The site provides information of my clients are looking for? SEO – Is it that customers are able to find my site when you do live? Future additions – Have I planned well in advance so that I do not have to waste time with the interface of new features with existing ones.

  4. Glitter balance and guts. A good site mainly contains information that people want and do it in comfort, but the content will win every time.

  5. If you build it, does not necessarily come. If you do not have a unique value proposition you can not sell except for a nice old grandmother, Elna who bought something just to be nice. Something has to attract more business experts now online customers.

  6. Avoid bit decay ‘, the site must be managed. The technology is constantly changing and, hopefully, is to stay in business. You intend to update, maintain and improve the website on a monthly basis, if not weekly basis. Ask yourself: “How do I change the target group and how they can adapt quickly to the needs?”

  7. Treat the Web team of professionals. You and the designer have a specific role for your site must meet to be successful.

  8. Most people in the web industry, she has no idea. The fact that your brother’s girlfriend created a web site when I was in grade 4, who do not qualify as a web designer. The fact that your brother’s girlfriend is a designer, who did not qualify as a web designer. The fact that your brother’s friend owns a pirated version of Home, which does not qualify as a web designer.

  9. You get what you pay. I think we’ve covered his brother’s girlfriend is pretty well up.

  10. Do not start your project by purchasing a CMS. A content management system is not the place to start. Ask your web designer, they probably have a more efficient and more suited to your needs.


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