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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is a band that her genre of alternative rock that was formed in 2001 in Middleburg, Florida. This band consists of Ronnie Winter – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Duke Kitchens – Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Joey Westwood – Bass, Vocals, Jon Wilkes – Drums, Vocals.

The band was officially formed by Ronnie Winter and Duke Kitchens in 2001 after they played a ‘cover song’ Blink-182 in AP music theory. During the 18 months they created the song but still can make an album for the songs they have created, until Joey Westwood and Jon Wilkes joined and formed the band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus so that they become local bands in Florida.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus released 3 song demo in mid-2004 as one of their promotions in local concerts, schools, malls, and other locations outside of Florida until finally they released their self titled first album in late 2004 which titled “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus”.

Do not You Fake It (2005-2007)

Then in 2006, they released their second album entitled “Do not You Fake It” with their hits “Face Down”, “False Pretense”, “Your Guardian Angel”, and “Damn Regret”.

Album The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus “Do not You Fake It” Deluxe Edition (CD / DVD) was released on February 23, 2007. In the CD there are two exclusive tracks, namely acoustic version of their song entitled “Face Down” and an unreleased song on the album (bonus track) “Disconnected”. Also, in May 2007, one of their single, “Face Down”, became one of the soundtrack in the film “Georgia Rule”.

Lonely Road (2008-present)

In June 2007, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus began working on their second album, Lonely Road, which will be released in the summer of 2008.

In April 2008, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus start their acoustic tour with the band Amaru, which is a band that originated from the same town with them.
On 30 September 2008, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus create their blog on MySpace, which will feature a song ‘demo version’ of an album that will release. The song will be available to members of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus “Alliance” fan group. In this album, there are several hits, including “Pen and Paper” and “You Better Pray” and a their first single “Lonely Road” from the same album entitled “Lonely Road”.

In early October 2008, Matt Carter replace their guitar player ever. Carter has worked with the band before, he had asked if you want to join with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as members of the band, but he refused. Until at last he was asked again and he agreed to join.

On March 20, 2009, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus released an EP entitled Shock Session, and also an acoustic version of “Pen & Paper”, “You Better Pray”, and “Face Down”.


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