The Awakening Entering The Era of Freedom

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Introduction to Era of Freedom

Awake, Humanity Awake! This is the ever-present call of God. The work or the joy of the soul is to experience itself as ALL THAT IS. Life in this physical plane is simply for the experience of ALL THAT IS. Humanity has come to a point where mankind is rapidly awakening to what is so and realizing it is distinct from what is not. This is an awakening to the Era of Freedom. The “what is so” is infinite in scope in an ever-expanding universe. It cannot be defined or contained in any way for it is nothing and all. The “what is not” is the made up experiences of the all, the moment to moment creation and experience of itself in infinite expressions. Life desires to fully experience itself infinitely through infinite manifestation. The “what is so” desires the experience of itself as no thing or all of it, both of which cannot be defined. Since God or all that is, is ever-expanding this job of experiencing itself never ends.

My name is Robert Charles Stewart and I am the author of a new and very powerful book titled The Awakening | Entering the Era of Freedom. In this book I bring forth a clear understanding of the Law of Life. But I do not leave you there I also give you the precise and infallible application of the Law of Life for you own Life and freedom.

Please go vote for me and my book and get the first 3 books in the Era of Freedom Series for Free. I pray you enjoy reading my books. Mostly I hope you enjoy the process or journey the book will take you on if you allow yourself go with it. Keep in mind, Joy is the essence of who you are, so to be en-joy is your natural essence. You will also come to know through this journey that YOU dear reader are making all of this up. And please share, share, share! The Era of Freedom is about the law of life that we all must eventually come into alignment with and be obedient to.


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