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If you’ve been wanting to get into something that doesn’t require all of your time, yet could give you an income of $100,000 per year or more, a Business Financing Service is definitely something you should consider. This is the kind of business that requires no special education or even a storefront office; won’t take much of your time, yet offers more prestige, power and fast earning potential than just about any business opportunity available to the ordinary working person.

The average net profit of people in this kind of business is $75,000 per year, before taxes. Most began on a part-time basis, operating out of their homes. Within a short period of time, varying with expenditure of time and effort, most have luxurious professional office suites with many clients from all over the country calling and asking for help. Perhaps best of all, this is a business you can operate with nothing more than a part-time secretary/bookkeeper, a telephone, and business cards.

There are many facets of this kind of business, which involve bringing lenders and borrowers together for venture capital, operating capital, expansion capital, and of course, mortgages of all kinds. Concerning mortgages, look at it from this point of view: Almost every building in the country – homes, office buildings, factories, apartments – has a mortgage on it, and somebody is making some really big commissions bringing together the people wanting the money and the people wanting to lend the money.

A business financing or money brokerage is the ideal sideline business for real estate brokers, sales persons involved in business sales, investment brokers, attorneys, accountants, and retirees from almost any occupation. This is definitely one of the truly recession-proof businesses that actually seems to flourish in times of tight money.


Each year, more than 10 million business loan applications are filed with the banks in the country. It is not uncommon for these banks to be working on more than 250,000 business loans each week, in amounts ranging from $25,000 to well over a million dollars. About 65 percent of the loan actually granted by the banks are short-term commercial loans; only about 25 percent are for longer terms, with fewer than ten percent granted for construction projects.

It should then be obvious that the banks in this country are neither speedy nor generous in giving loans to the beginning or small business entrepreneur. Such business people usually ask for loans of longer duration than the banks are willing to grant. It is easy to see that in a beginning business, smaller installment payments will reduce pressure on the borrower, and allow him to put more of the profits back into the business. In most cases, these small business owners need much more than the banks are willing to allow without all kinds of guaranteed collateral. And that, of course, is the reason why people needing money for their business success turn to business financing consultants, which provides you the opportunity for success in this field.

You’ll find that beginning or small business persons are always on the lookout for professional business financing services. They always seem to need more money than they have available, and they never seem to get quite the help or satisfaction they seek from the banks. The pressing need for more capital is not something that plagues only the beginning or new business. It is an ongoing need in almost every growing business also. In fact, the need for a continuing input of new money is a necessary part of the growth cycle of every business. Generally, the “little guy” just doesn’t have the extra cash from last year; he does not have the money it takes to set up a stock market program; and he doesn’t have the time to devote to (or he doesn’t want to attempt to “sell” his friends) an investment program in his business.

Sometimes these small business people will talk with their accountants, lawyers or stockbrokers and ask them to help in finding people with money to invest. Most accountants, lawyers and stockbrokers are in touch with clients who have money they are willing to invest in growing businesses, or people with “sure-fire” money-making ideas.

Whether these professional people do or do not have special clients with money to invest in special “deals” is of no consequence. The inportant thing is that these people are always being asked by someone if they know of a source of money, or if they know of someone who can locate an investor for them. With this in mind, and once you’re set up in business, it will behoove you to contact these people – the accountants, lawyers, and stockbrokers in your area – to get to know as many of them as you can, and to leave your business card, so they will be aware of your services.


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