Does Roulette Software Work?

According to Albert Einstein, “No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking.”  He analyzed the basic premise that says that roulette can not be beaten.  The assumption he made is that the roulette will is perfectly balanced.  The only flaw with his statement is if a roulette wheel is unbalanced and certain numbers come up more often than they should.

On almost any kind of bet, the house’s edge is about 5 1/4 percent.  That means that you have an almost 50% chance of winning.  But it is always less than 50%.  Nevertheless, there are at least a dozen software packages that offer you unlimited winnings based on a roulette wheel that is flawed.

The real question then, is it possible that a wheel is going to be off-balance enough to make up for that 5 1/4 percent.  Chances are low.  Would a real casino invest in a wheel and neglect its upkeep enough to make the odds suddenly tilt (pun intended) into your favor?  Not likely. 

Furthemore, it’s highly unlikely that a casino will let you bring in a laptop with software.  Even an application running on a telephone will probably not get past casino security, especially if you are making a run on a roulette table.  As a result, these software packages target online roulette.  But these tables should even be less vulnerable to bias.  They are based on random-number generators which generally are based on the computer time.  Unless you can somehow time your roulette spin to a microsecond, it is unlikely that you will be able to beat the computer’s random number generator. 

If the software for an online casino is so poor that it is possible to predict its behavior, then the casino would probably already be busted.  They would have to take down the software quickly once software exploited a weakness.  And most programmers aren’t that dumb in the first place that the software would be biased.  It isn’t really that hard to get random number generators out there. 

Only by replicating an online casino’s software would you really be able to conquer it.  That would require extreme precision with timing so that the random numbers generated by the software on the server would be the same as on your computer at home. 

So it seems that Einstein was right.  There is no easy way to beat roulette, even with software.

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