10 Amazing Ways To Preserve Your Profit Stream

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1. Give people a free online utility. When you offer a utility that can solve a person’s problem, people will definitely visit your web site.

2. Offer a free affiliate/reseller program. When you offer people a free opportunity to make money they will line up to visit your web site.

3. Supply news stories related to your site. People want current news on the topics they are interested in. You could also include new “how to” articles.

4. Provide your guests a community without charge. People are fond of having somewhere to converse with others on a specific subject.

5. Build a secure ordering system. Make it clear to your customers that you will not trade their e-mail address and other non-public details will remain private.

6. Offer free samples or trials of your product. This will let people experience your product and attract people to your web site.

7. Make your ad copy inviting. Your ad should show payoffs before the values. Incorporate assurance and personal recommendations in your ad.

8. Make sure people know to revisit your website. They typically do not buy on their initial visit. The additional visits they make, the bigger the likelihood they will make a purchase.

9. Let people know anything about your business history. They’ll feel more comfortable if they know who they are buying from.

10. Present people several pay choices. Welcome payment by credit cards, check, money order, or any additional form of computerized payment.

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