Finally The Rock Had Come Back To Wwe Wrestlemania 2011

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After seven long years, The Rock finally decide to return back to WWE arena by hosting WrestleMania XXVII on 3 April in Atlanta. On 14 February 2011, The Rock back on Monday Night RAW announced that as host of WrestleMania 27th. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had been a awesome movie star involved in several major role in movies such as The Scorpion King, The Tooth Fairy, The Rundown, Walking Tall, Race to Witch Mountain, Faster and coming new release Blockbuster Fast 5.

In his personal debut in Monday Night RAW, The Rock appreciate his fans support for those 7 long years “I’m been here and it’s not because of money or to promote a movie but because of the fans. The fans helped him accomplish his goals and dreams. He wants to thank the fans and tell them he loves them and because of them he’s back in the ring and he’s never ever going away.”

This is the WWE spotlight event that we all been waiting for, hosted by the most electrifying wrestler in sport entertainment will sure expect a significant spike in voltage on the stage. The Rock guaran-damn-tees that  he’ll show the world he’s the most electrifying man in entertainment. DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!!!

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