Does The Nose Right Really Work?

Why I Used The Nose Right?
Ever since I was young, I always hated my nose. I thought it was the only thing keeping me from having the face that I want, because I was generally pretty satisfied with my eyes, my lips and the overall face of my shape. But it was just my nose that ruined everything. I was even thinking about rhinoplasty when I am old enough and have enough money.

But then I went on youtube and then I found this doctor talking about this product called the nose right and how it can reshape your cartilage. I was really shocked when they showed the product, because I happen to have one of those. It had been sitting in my drawer for years but I never really touched it. Apparently, the nose cartilage can be altered because about 75% of the cartilage is made of water, therefore it can be easily changed with constant pressure. And this is where the nose right comes in, and the concept of it is pretty easy to understand. However, I wasn’t sure whether the nose right I have is the real thing or a scam. Nonetheless, I still continued to use it because it looked so similar!! But I still bought the original nose right from the website, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I hope I wasn’t scammed because when I paid online, it was sent to some company named Gloria Grasmick? 

Did It Work?
After 2 weeks, there have been SOME results, but they weren’t dramatic (perhaps because it might not have been the real nose right?) My nose did get slightly straighter and higher, but it didn’t get smaller. I think its because the sides of the nose are made of fat, so it takes much longer to make it smaller and thinner. But what I wanted to do was mainly to make it smaller. I thought it was too big for my small face. 

But then I realized that you can’t actually make your nose SMALLER. As in you can’t get rid of the cartilage or fat inside your nose, you can only move the cartilage around to RESHAPE the nose. The only way you can get rid of the cartilage or fat is by plastic surgery. However, the nose right can move your cartilage around to make it appear THINNER but if you have a really big nose, you can’t expect the nose right to transform your nose into Angelina Jolie’s. 

Instructions for Nose Right
– Everyday for 15 MINUTES!
– Results can appear from 2 weeks – 5 months.

1) Bulbous Nose 
– place the nose right on the top of the nose, or where it is the most bulbous-looking

2) Wide Nose
– place the nose right on the edges of the nose, clipping the two sides together.

3) Dorsal Hump
– place the nose right on the lower end of the nose where the hump is the smallest. you are supposed to “lift” up your cartilage so that it evens in with the hump. once you placed the nose right tool on the lower bridge of your nose, you will notice how the nose right pushes up your nose very slightly and gradually that it evens out with your hump.

So yup, that’s my review. I read a lot of other people’s reviews as well and all of them says that it works, but then it takes a LONG LONG time. Most of us don’t really experience drastic results in two weeks, like the websites say. So in my opinion, don’t give up until you have used it on at least 5 months!!

Good luck 🙂

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