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How To Be A Eco-Friendly Parent

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Most of us want to do our part to help conserve and save our planet. Being “green” has developed into habit for many people. But what does it mean to be a green parent, and you can do a lot of things to help your new baby stay free of damaging chemicals.

As adults we process chemicals, but children have a hard time processing them. Our homes are filled with toxins that although not dangerous to us, but can be quite bad for infants. Below are a few tips on how to help get ready for your baby-to-be and be a green parent.

Be sure to use your baby shower gifts. It truly is a lot fun to ready the nursery for baby’s arrival. This is actually the first place you can begin to make your home green and safe for baby. So let’s discuss the 4 walls, you want to paint them just the perfect shade. However make sure that you opt for a low or zero VOC paint. A typical paint contains allot of volatile organic compounds. When this kind of paint is exposed to the sunlight it can actually create smog. Low VOC paints can easily be bought and will go a long way to safeguard your newborn’s lungs.

You will never find VOC’s in these baby gift baskets. There are many things you’ll want to think about when thinking of furniture for the baby’s room. Recycling is a marvelous thing for the environment, and many parents want classic furnishings for the baby’s room. First make certain you look into the safety of vintage pieces. Take a look at consumer internet sites for any recalls. Additionally, you will need to make certain that you get rid of all paint from the pieces. This is important because of lead paint that had been banned in 1977. Whether or not the piece is newer, you cannot be sure if some repainted it and with what kind of paint. You should also be cautious of furniture produced from medium density fiberboard as it off-gasses formaldehyde that may cause asthma.

Babies spend a great deal amount of time in their cribs. Their face lying right on the crib mattress, this is why it is important to by an organic mattress made from material without any chemicals. If you purchase a non-organic mattress, allow it air out, give it some fresh air, but not completely outside.

You will find some really nice baby girl gifts there. The great diaper controversy has been raging for years. Disposable baby diapers fill the landfills, but cloth diapers require energy and water to launder. Well why don’t we put the environment aside and take into consideration your baby’s bottom and skin. The cloth diaper is way better for baby’s gentle skin. Plus disposable diapers do have off-gassing. One challenge with cloth diapers is you need to empty the “mess” into a commode before you launder them. This is where the hybrid diaper includes the very best of both worlds. You can find cloth diapers with 100% biodegradable inserts that could be flushed or disposed of.

You work very hard to keep your infant’s surroundings nice and clean, but which kind of cleaners are you using. Many of today’s cleaners contain VOC, which as mentioned before are hard for your baby to process and can cause asthma. There are several organic cleaners in the marketplace that’ll be healthier for your baby. Try this after you have cleaned something. Go walking outside, then when you come back in do you smell chemicals; in that case think about changing to safer cleaners.


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