The Way to Lease a Moving Truck

When you need a bigger apartment, you can save time and money by leasing a moving vehicle. Give these suggestions a try. Take a look at your belonings and decide what shouldn’t be moved. Determine what needs to be given away, donated or thrown out. Moving items like those costs you time and cash.

Create a list of the bigger pieces you wish to move. This includes large furniture pieces such as beds, refrigerators, couches, tables, chairs and dinning room set. Try to image how many boxes you’ll need based upon your smaller items.
Calculating the size of truck required when changing apartments can be difficult. Plan on about 120 to 160 cubic feet of space per room. The total cubic feet of a truck with vary with moving company vehicles. It is best to rent a larger size truck in the event that you miscalculate space requirements. Make sure you get a few different quotes so you get a good deal. Get all the details, requirements, and rates.

Choose the best value for your needs and secure it with a deposit. Don’t sign the contract before you read it carefully. Sometimes additional fees or charges apply unexpectedly. When picking up and dropping off the truck have an employee check for and document any previous damages so you aren’t liable for them.

Paying by charge card gives you a valid receipt for taxes or disputing the bill if problems arise. One week to ten days before the move date, call the truck rental company for confirmation. Don’t drive a truck you don’t feel safe in. Most importantly you want a safe move.

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