Ceo of Inq Sys Android is Un-Cool

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Frank Meehan is the CEO of INQ a cell phone manufacturer coming out with a Facebook centric android based phone. The phone is said to have deep integration with Facebook, but it is not the phone I want to talk about today. Its Frank Meehan the CEO of INQ, and his recent comments about Android.

Mashable reports that Meean who is is creating Android based cell phones claimed, “If you go to a nightclub in any city in the world, the pretty girl has an iPhone or a BlackBerry,” He pretty much is calling out his own product and saying it isn’t cool. I take that back he is not ‘pretty much’ calling his product geeky, he straight out said it. He he believes this so much why doesn’t he just go and work for Apple then?

his comment about Android not being cool, is not what bother me the most. That is an opinion question, and we are all entitled to our own opinions and I will not say he is wrogn because there is really no way to prove it a 100%, but come on at least have a little faith in your own product. What angers me the most about Frank Meehan is his lack of knowledge. Mashable reports in the same article that Meehan, “says the … Android industry has a habit of ignoring and then reacting to [Apple’s] innovations.”

Yes Apple had one of the first touch screen smart phones that went main stream but it is hardly fair to say that Android”ignores innovation” and that they just “react” to Apple’s. Lets look at the facts, if my memory serves me right, I do believe it was Android who had folders, and multitasking on their home screens….and didn’t Apple eventually add these things AFTER Android? The answer is yes they did, so lets not point fingers at Android for failing to innovate and for copying Apple, because Apple has clearly copied Android on multiple occasions. Also there has been no lack of innovation from Android, not only did they have multitasking and folders first, but they also have widgets which Apple doesn’t even have. Have you heard of Google Voice? If that’s not innovation i don’t know what is, and as it stands Google Voice could very well change the wireless cellphone business down the road.

Frank Meehan may not have Faith in Android, but he just doesn’t get it. Just because you can ‘tinker’ with an Android phone since it is open source, doesn’t mean it was designed for geeks. Yes it was tech savvy people who first Adopted android, but Android is now hitting the mainstream and is taking over Apple’s market share. But according to Frank Meehan no one wants an Android phone….


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