66 Reasons To Live For

1. Hearing the laughter of children

2. Getting a good back or foot massage

3. Walking on the beach at sunset or in bare feet

4. Helping family and friends when they need it most or just “because”

5. For their dog or cat or other furry pal

6. Riding a bike

7. Playing with and spending time with children

8. Their security and happiness their home brings

9. Taking a trip to favorite place

10. The sound of crashing ocean waves

11. Cooking or teaching someone how to cook

12. Spending time with loved ones and close friends

13. Child’s high school or college graduation

14. Marriage of a child

15. The birth and joy of grandchildren

16. Anticipation of seeing their husband or wife

17. Train rides

18. A satisfying meal or favorite treat

19. Shopping

20. Passover, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays

21. Seeing their children happy and thriving

22. Singing your heart out in the shower or the car

23. Reading a good book or doing that favorite crossword

24. Gardening or working in the yard

25. To become debt free and pay off all bills

28. Fireworks

29. Christmas morning

30. Good conversation and fun gatherings

31. Learning

32. Improving ones self

33. Nice weather

34. Picnics

35. A gentle kiss

36. A newborn baby

37. Campfires or roasting marshmallows

38. Playing iand dancing in the rain

39. Being kind to others

40. Weddings

41. Birthdays

42. Dancing

43. Giving and receiving flowers

44. Family reunion’s

45. Graduation’s

46. Tears of joy

47. Rainbows

48. Giving a pet a nice home

49. Connecting with nature

50. Hugs

51. High school reunion’s

52. Fishing or camping

53. Night time

54. Early mornings

55. Hobbies

56. Paying off your home

57. Driving a new car

58. Playing games

59. A good movie

60. The future and anticipation

61. Their blog

62. Best friend’s

63. Holidays

64. Vacations

65. Reaching a goal

66. Walking barefoot

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