Who is The Christian God?

Many people around the world are confused about who the Christian God is, for Christians God is the Creator, he is eternal and he is the one who will save us from the death that we have subjected ourselves to. God is the immanent being who is a part of all things and who is all things. He is holy, fair, all powerful, all knowing, all loving, and he is eternal. The Christian Bible speaks of God as a Father figure, who love his children, who occasionally punishes his children and who forgives his children. He is so powerful that he can do anything.

Christians believe that God created the Heavens (all of the Universe) and the Earth. He created all of the life that walked the face of the Earth. All Christians believe in the “Living God.” and he is the God of the Jewish peoples as well. God brought into being a people, led them to do incredible things and he is ever constant in the lives of those who follow his Son. God is all powerful and anything he does is as easy as a simple word and it is done.

Christians believe that the Bible is the Word of God, some believe that it is the literal Word of God and others believe that it is inspired of God, either way all of them believe that it is indeed his word and is beneficial to study, is strong enough to stand up against people who are against it and is great for providing a truthful history of the past.

Most Christians are considered to be Trinitarian, this means that they believe that God is the God the Father, the God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. All come together to in One God, all of which are different and distinct, they all have their own distinct personalities and their own job. The Holy Spirit is the teacher and works much the same way as your conscience. He is the guide that helps you stay on track in your walk with God and to make decisions to help you along your way. God does not want his people to walk alone so he sent the Holy Spirit. The Son is the mediator, he is the way to the Father, he works is by the Father’s side with your name on his lips asking that you be forgiven. He walked the Earth and knows what you experience as a man, he understands you and your life and upon his return he will free you from the Evil that is Satan. In addition he came and died for you so he is also the ransom, paid with his life for your sins. God is the Father, he is all things, the King of Kings, no one is above him and all below him are his children.

Christians also believe that He is immanent, he is not only around you but he is in you. He is a part of every cell and he is a part of everything you see everyday. He is everywhere and can see and communicate with everyone everyday at the same time. God is all and all is in God. He can hear every prayer and can respond to each person simultaneously.

For Christians, loving God and having faith in God means everything to them. They view the Word of God literally and believe they must live a life where they are in a constant effort to be Christ-like. However this all loving God sees their efforts, reads their love in their hearts and he provides them with a better life and eventually for those who are faithful, their reward will be everlasting life.

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