Understanding Venus in Scorpio For Love And Relationships

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If you are wondering how a Venus in Scorpio person is as a lover watch Phantom of the Opera. Yes, just like Erik, the people of its influence make a profound lover. To be clear, once in a relationship, Venus in Scorpio knows nothing, but his partner. It seems he has come on this planet to just stay connected to her three sixty five days a year.


To some detached lovers, the Venus in Scorpio man might look clingy and hard to stand, for he likes to ask multiple questions and often has a need to keep a hold of his mate tightly. “Where are you going?”, “You should not stay out late at night”, “Who is calling you”, “Why are they call you”, “I’ll come with you” and so on are some of the popular lines that he often uses in a relationship. In the beginning, for some, his curiosity might look cute. But once the honeymoon days are over, this curiosity might simply end up looking like a factor of controlling behavior. Don’t get him wrong. He is not doing this to cause annoyance in the relationship. Even he does not know that he is giving rise to this controlling element. He is just too much in love and thus, wants to keep his lover away from danger, discomfort and pain. But to stop him, his lover should not try hurting his feelings. Never forget that the sign Scorpio is best known for taking revenge! But at the same time, it is a quite sexual. That is why, it is possible to say that a Venus in Scorpio lover has a great need for sex in the relationship. Some even might try it out from one night stands.  

Now an important thing interested parties must remember is that it is not really easy to seduce a Venus in Scorpio. Yes, for sex, he might stay with you for a night, but do not expect him to ask you to be his girlfriend. Apparently, the Venus in Scorpio man has a tendency to be intensely picky about mates.  He can simply reject many women and stay single for many years just to find the right person for himself. But who she really is? From the eyes of Venus in Scorpio, she must be extremely attractive and sexual, but at the same time strongly mysterious. In other words, the right girl will keep him busy in love, sex and a game where he is Shirlock Holmes. But this is not all. Although Venus in Scorpio can be unintentionally clingy he does not want his partner to be always in need of attention. Yes, he wants his dream girl to give him some space in the relationship.

The ultimate truth about Venus in Scorpio lover is that he plays out the role of a boyfriend extremely well by being helpful, romantic and faithful. But he will never be in the clutch of just any girl. So the idea of chasing after him should be dropped. 

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