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Make And Keep Writing Goals to Become a Successful Writer

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Make and keep writing goals to become a successful writer

Writers want to write, they need to write. We don’t often get the money or pay we believe we deserve, but still we write. It is important for all writers to make and keep writing goals to become a successful writer. All successful writers have writing goals and they do their best to keep those goals.

These are my goals for 2011

  1. I want to and I plan to get 250,000 page views on Yahoo Contributor Network formerly known as Associated Content. This means I will have to get nearly 21,000 page views per month. I got 24,000 page views for January 2011 and I have 19000 page views through February 17thfor the month of February.

  2. I am writing three books in 2011. This is how I plan to do it. I am making sure I write at least 1,000 words per day Monday through Friday. I didn’t begin this until the last week of January, so I have 17,000 words in my first book. The titles for my three books will be The Prodigal Son, What Makes A Grown Man Cry and Meandering Meagan and the boring week. I started with the Prodigal Son.

  3. I plan on writing 5 Christian songs in 2011- I wrote one Christian song so far

  4. I plan on writing articles for long term in 2011- I believe long-term articles will get more page views over time. It seems to be working already and here is how my plan works.

  5. I am writing famous people who died, famous birthdays and famous dead birthdays for a whole year-this is a ton of work, but there is method to my madness. I believe over time, these types of articles will hit more and hit as each year goes by.

  6. I am writing more how to articles-how to articles seem to do good over time

  7. I am writing the most famous people from each state-hoping these articles continue to hit over time

  8. Will do the same thing with heroes of baseball, football etc.

  9. The next goal is to insert many of these same articles into other sites. Not only do you earn more money this way, some articles do better on other sites. I can’t explain this, just know it is true.

These are some of my writing goals for 2011. It is important for a writer to set and keep goals to become successful as a writer. If you have not made up goals for your writing in 2011, it is time you got started. Sit down; think about where you are as a writer and where you want to go. Write your goals down and try to reach for the stars. Remember, make and keep writing goals to become a successful writer. You can do it.


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