Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners… #1

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Today’s Practice Session…

If weather permits, go outside and settle onto the grass. I want you to look for the following items.

1. dog
2. handbag
3. spoon
4. lamp
5. flower

If the weather isn’t permitting, brew up a cup of tea and practice with the real thing.

When you spot each of these things, what thoughts enter your mind? With each reading in the future, each of these items might bring about a different thought. You have to be receptive to them. Keep a diary of your practice readings to see if any patterns emerge.

Things You Need To Know About Tea Leaf Reading

*The more you practice the better you get.

*Spend a sunny day laying in the backyard watching the clouds. One of the hardest part of tea leaf reading is spotting the shapes. Staring at clouds floating by is a good way to practice.

*When you are reading, you are going to want a tea that has lots of substance to it. The fine cut that you find in a regular tea bag gives a poor reading. On the other hand, there are lots of cultures that have read everything from coffee grounds to wine sediment, so I guess it is possible… just harder to do. For the beginner, I suggest a tea with lots of large leaves and “sticks”.

*Reading tea leaves can definitely be learned, but if you are lucky enough to find an ancestor who could read, you should find it easier to master.

*Master your art before you begin reading for others, but at the same time remember that this is entertainment. Collect as many unusual tea cups as you can put your hands on. It adds to the ambiance of the reading. Be sure that there are no designs on the inside of the cup to interfere with the reading.

*Make the tea and then without the use of a strainer, pour into the cups to be read. Instruct the client to hold the cup with both hands and sip until most of the liquid has been consumed. You do want enough however to be able to swirl the leaves in the cup before turning it upside down. I like about an inch of  tea left in the bottom of the cup. You will learn what works best for you.

*Reading the cup… the leaves closest to the rim are considered what is taking place right now and as you progress down the cup, you move further into the future. Obviously what you see in the base of the cup is the distant future.

*As you are reading, slowly turn the cup around in your hands. Different angles will show different clumps of leaves.

*A word of warning… if you see something that scares you as you are reading, try to warn the client gently but NEVER frighten them. Sometimes a simple phrase like… “its time to slow down and think about something that might be troubling you at the moment” is enough to make them reconsider their actions.

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