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It’s not like I didn’t know, it would be different, but I am a extremely grateful father of 10 children, with one on the way. All but 1 is in the home with me. I am an only child with all types of memories of imaginary friends. As I grow now in my life it seems to me that my imaginary friends from back then are my children. I sometimes have vivid visions of my childhood and it’s like déjà vu because now the scenes most times include my children. I think the first time it happened, I was about thirteen years old; I had a vision of myself with 7 or 8 other children, who at that time I could not identify. The feeling I would have when I started having visions has never changed. Since day 1 when I have a vision I would have certain feeling of peace and ease. I have gained a lot of knowledge since my childhood that leads me to understand the difference between spiritual & physical powers that one can achieve being source energy. The universal laws of attraction, deliberate creating, allowing, and segment intending, the vortex, the power of now, quantum jumping, also understanding the connection between man and source (GOD) as we truly should understand it. Truly understanding oneness. Most every conscious being, religious or not, seems to agree that there is one infinite source creator that has put things into motion. Most every person I have spoken to, and that’s a lot of people, will not deny that when they listen to their first mind they never fail, but they fail every time they don’t. This is definitely true for me! I have come to realize that the first mind is the source as we most understand it. The way I understand it is that source (GOD) created us in the image of source, which we all should know is a spirit, supreme spirit at that! The physical being that attaches you is merely the vessel you use to experience life on earth for a specified time. In that time, you will be drawn to seek out that connection to the spirit in you, which in turn gives you a better, clearer understanding of the power of source (GOD) by giving you the opportunity to create your life’s experiences with your thoughts, emotions, and actions while here on earth. Whether you will believe or accept it, the supreme source creator has created the universe to work for you. The only reason it might not seem like it in clear site is because of what society as a whole has been designed to see by default. When you have been taught, influenced, instructed, tricked, persuaded, intentionally and unintentionally, and so many other things to focus on the “how to”, how to think, how to dress, how to believe, how to feel, how to view others, how to learn, how to hate, how to love, how to do most everything. When in reality the source (GOD) within you teaches you immediately how to feel when something is out of place. Emotions! There are two real types, good and bad. Mixed emotions are just pure confusion. I’m sure when you were small something happened that made you feel really happy and you attached to that feeling and was able to ride some good feelings and situations right out. Equally the same, when you were young you probably had an experience that made you feel really sad and it also probably put you in a ride it out situation but with negative emotions or feeling and situations to go right with it. In other words, to control your emotions would be to control your fate. Think about it, when you’re happy you generate and vibrate energy in the realm to allow happy things continue to happen and the same applies when you generate negative energy you align your vibration up to receive the negative things to continue to happen as long as you vibrate in that realm. Every emotion can be checked by simply thinking and analyzing the situation you are faced with, at that time, neutralize it, whatever it is. That might sound hard, but it’s not. You are the one that decides how something affects you. No matter what it is! Good, bad, or indifferent! Think, recognize, source (GOD) speaks to all of us first, in every situation, the key is to listen. You have the power to neutralize everything, even tragic news, remember things only affect you according to how you view them. A lot of times, the reason people can’t relate, is because of being trained to view things a certain way, they are afraid of seeing things any other way than their tribe, family, friends, inner circle, or superior sees it for fear of not being accepted, or I am sure there are plenty other reasons. I am a living example that one really can think for self and be blessed at the same time. It’s all a matter of alignment. Being consciously lined up with our spirit being. Everyone has the power to line up with the spirit being that guides you. Listen to feelings. Pay attention when you begin to get emotionally attached. That’s your signal to pay attention, line back up. It happens every time we get out of alignment. Source (GOD) speaks in several ways. All types of signs cross our paths. As conscious connections to source, ALL human beings are equal in the right of power and need to realize, no matter if you hate a person or love a person, that person is connected to the source (GOD) equally as you and that alone should change your respect level for the human creation. You’re hurting no one but yourself harboring bad feelings or hate. If you are seeking, you have probably realized that time is out anyway, an illusion, and has been for a long time and anyone you find still on that level of misunderstanding, is just still terribly out of alignment because we must all remember that not all will understand mere truth. Some won’t even hear it. Some will hear it and know it feels right and still shun it for the sake of fear and/or ignorance, or just because it’s you that is sharing it with them. So that has told me to just focus and don’t allow myself to get caught up with someone else’s confusions and misalignments, because you will quickly be pulled out of alignment debating , conversing, or sometimes basically communicating with those out of alignment. That’s where they have started to feel their best and would love to have you in the loop helping the energy wave stay going down. I am an only child but am a part of a large family where there’s plenty cousins, aunties, and uncles that were raised pretty close nit to start, but boy how things change. I only communicate with a few of them based upon differences of understanding. I don’t choose for it to be that way, but I do choose peace so I have learned that true family is those chosen by the creator by common understanding and you know them clearly when you cross paths with them. Seeing/feeling the truth is not as hard as people make it out to be. The hard part seems to be letting go of the crap embedded in the thought process as well as the habits that go along with it. We all have been stripped of some common senses and have been given false realities to chase, so that we will stay off the mark.

 Another troubling thing is how we have been trained/taught to view sickness and what to do to get well. Just like the first thought being source (GOD) speaking directly to you, from you, source (GOD) created the land first for us listen to and live and survive off of. Herbalism, through clear guidance, is the true god consciousness and should be the natural way of healing in life for all human beings. Most medicine that is used to treat or cure most diseases is based from an herb first and the cut and watered down with other substances that are bad for the human body. If one would truly trust the first feeling or sign inside and follow it they would realize quickly that all the answers are right with us all, all the time without fail. The closer you connect through meditation, prayer and peaceful service to all in creation, the faster you come into alignment and rest there. We ALL are source energy in human form. We chose and were chosen to experience this journey called life. Seek deeply and recognize the power invested inside and live according to your desire. We all can! We all desire to be happy. Mostly everyone I come in contact with, young and old, desire success of some type. I speak for myself and probably quite a few others that the feeling that you can do anything has crossed your mind whether you have accepted it or not. Since I started having children, my desire for success has increased a million fold as a result of wanting it for them more so than me. I feel because I have ten, I am responsible for at least ten generations of clear understanding and wealth to suffice for each one. Before I ever had a child, I was always at the tip top of my game, whatever game or business it was, so now I feel all that’s happened is, I have been awakened to my true potential. Which I have realized, is totally unlimited! As a result of seeing things with a clearer perspective, I’ve come to understand with a clearer perspective, so truth for me, is felt and realized immediately. False is realized even quicker. I believe I was four maybe five when I clearly started understanding what my mom has always told me, she would say, “You can do anything you set your mind to. She also told me don’t just accept what people tell me, find out for yourself, basically don’t be satisfied with others limits and that stayed with me in a major way. Throughout my life’s experiences thus far, I’ve been able to identify all the things I’ve gone through as my own thought process being played out. Before I learned how to use it properly, I realized that I would get everything I thought I wanted, seemingly with ease. I always had a lot without anyone giving me anything. I was inspired early by not having anyone to give me anything. Whatever I wanted, I was clear I would have to work some type of way to get it, but I would get it every time. My mom did the best she could, but her responsibilities were always overwhelming taking care of everything we needed to survive. My father was a hustler at that time and kept his money in the street with himself. So I was determined to get my due portion, however. I believe that’s what made me believe the answers and success were going to come from how I viewed things. I now have clear knowledge and visions that supports my childhood feelings. Past visions of myself with my imaginary friends who harmonized with my feelings at that time and the feelings of harmony that I get now as I interact with my children, one in the same. With that feeling and connection I have realized that my children are to the source of my true success here on earth. Happiness, Peace, and Success is to come through me doing everything I can to raise my children to the highest level possible here on earth. I am committed to sharing as much knowledge and opportunity I can to my children and everyone else who crosses paths with me. I know I am source energy in human form so I must at all times stay focused on the outcome of everything I attempt to do rather than how I am going to get to the outcome. I have been writing music for many years of my life. Really since I was like thirteen. I have always had a strong attachment to music, even before that, because it was always my vent. I remember when I first heard music in our household, the artist singing the song seemed to be talking about what I saw. Whatever my mom’s mood was at the time was the type of music we listened to. When she was happy, the music seemed uplifting with the words, a lot of love in the words. We she was sad; it was a lot of sadness in the words. When she was angry, the songs seemed somewhat militant and forceful. Then came funk, parliament, roger and Zapp, The Gap Band, and so many others, and then came hip-hop and it changed the way people view music. As a result, I connected and began to express my feelings even more on paper and tape recorders, while listening to music. I don’t feel like I am any more special than any other person that loves music, I just know I am at peace when I am able to express my feelings with a pencil or a pen while listening to music or on some type of device that enables me to make music. I have always been one to think against the grain, so therefore my writing is somewhat the same. I believe that’s probably why few, because of my straight forwardness, only hear me. At that time, I was attempting to promote my music, at a time when the industry was getting away from substance and turning to what sales. As a result of the “how to” concept mentioned early in this book.  It’s easier to shun the truth, and listen to nonsense in its place, especially when you are the only one in your circle that can relate to the truth; especially if no one in that circle has a specific objective. I have never personally intended to seem arrogant about my thoughts, I just see things clearly and I believe that’s the reason some people get or feel intimidated. I have always been told I look like a very serious person, that’s because I am, but I am still humble. I know I have a very different level of respect with everyone I deal with, that’s because I keep it real. Even when I have been wrong in a situation, I keep it real. I am not perfect; I am striving like everyone else. I just know that my level of consciousness is upper, and when I do things, my intent is always pure. I don’t wish for anyone to have any hardship with me, or as a result of me, or anything I do, so I always do my best to make good solid decisions. This time here on earth is to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest with happiness and success, so I say lets all strive for good feelings. Do things that make you feel happy over everything else! If you can focus enough to do anything, the most important would be to control your mind and thought process over everything else, this way you can control things as they happen. At the least, be conscious as they happen. That alone could help change the outcome. I am from the old school era with the strong ability to adapt to the new school ways. I know it’s important I stay seeking knowledge and information, old and new because of the feeling of having to know, to share with my seeds, to give them a wider perspective of thought. I have always been one to want to know it first. It’s in the late 80’s when rap music was on its way to heavily influencing everything. Especially where I’m from. I was at a point in my life where I felt the system, as I knew it, had failed me because I had gone to the military and awakened. Told one thing and shown something totally different.  Came home to seek a higher education in corporate and was treated second class even though I was on the dean’s list at the educational institution where I was taking computer technology is what they called it at the time. When sent on interviews, I’m being told they would call me, but people in my class with lesser grade points and different ethnicity being hired by the same company I interviewed at, kinda’ made me salty. Plus I was always doing my best to excel at whatever I involved myself in so I turned to what treated me the best, and that was the streets. The fast life as some may call it. I am a witness to why they do. I decided, if I was going to do it at all, I was going to do it the biggest and the best. I knew the consequences and didn’t care. By that time, my mind was made up that the only way to see real success or riches was by whatever means possible. While in my hustle mode, I met some really rich and successful people that basically seemed to have a total grip on life. They just lived it! They didn’t seem to be concerned with the small things, you know, the unnecessary. To this day most of them still live well. Also, at the time, I was pretty happy most times, and I also had a lot of good experiences, even though what I was doing was not necessarily accepted by the majority. I said that to say, that one thing must be for certain, and that is, when you’re happy, you experience more happy feelings and situations. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.  We already know the same applies to unhappy or negative feelings. So for me and mine, I have an understanding. Love, live, and be as happy as possible at all times.

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