Strange Lines: What Cheaters Say About Cheating in Relationships

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Cheating in relationships has become a big problem in the society. It seems that not too many people understand how it brings pain and suffering for their partners. But worse than this is the fact that they always have a way to glorify their cheating behavior. Their statements are the following:

“It is you who made me do it”

When no reason comes in  mind some cheaters stoop low by making their partners look guilty for their own wrong doing. To make it more dramatic, they even get angry and behave like even they are hurt from their own cheating behavior. This should not be taken seriously. They are simply acting to make themselves look like the innocent ones.

“They came in the scene when my own relationship was suffering”

At times, a relationship can go through extreme low’s. But some people instead of taking care of this problem, prefer to lay their head on the shoulder of a friend from opposite sex and suddenly start to feel that with this other person they should be spending time with. We can simply call this the attention seeking syndrome.

“They did not have enough sex drive to satisfy me”

Sex seems to be one of the biggest reasons behind cheating these days. Just for its pleasure, many people are okay to forget that they are in a relationship with someone. Apparently, we cannot deny that sexual compatibility does matter in a relationship. But cheating because its rating is low with the partner is not such a good thing either.

“I was badly drunk that night”

Again sex is involved in this cheating situation, but in a twisted manner. It is often seen that some people are completely aware of the fact that they cannot control themselves after getting drunk. Yet they do not hesitate to avoid alcohol in parties. Unfortunately, this results in unintentional sex with a guy friend. But wait a second! We cannot really take it that accidental. After all, they should have been more careful about how much they drink. Being a responsible drinker is the key here.

“I did it because my partner did it to me”

You might think it is silly, but some people really try to take revenge on their cheating partner by cheating. It is more like a tit for tat thing. The truth is that this is rather immature and meaningless, for the best thing to do about a cheater is to let him go. 

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