Space Agency Shows The Boot of Italy as Seen From Space

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Space Agency Shows The Boot of Italy as Seen From Space

Known for its shape of a boot, Italy was photographed by the Envisat satellite that belongs to the research conducted in space by ESA (European Space Agency).

The picture – taken on Jan. 25 and released on Friday – shows the Apennine mountain range, which is covered with snow and the image appears blank. At the tip of Italy, one sees the island of Sicily.

The Italian peninsula is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea (blue, left in photo), by the Ionian Sea (right, bottom) and the Adriatic Sea (right, top).

The country’s total area is 301,230 km², of which 294,020 km² is land and 7,210 km² is water. Including the islands, Italy has a coastline and border of 7,600 km on the Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas (740 km), and borders shared with France (488 km), Austria (430 km), Slovenia (232 km) and Switzerland; San Marino (39 km) and Vatican City (3.2 km), both enclaves, account for the remainder.

Right on the coast of the boot, the light green area indicates the sediments that arecarried to the sea by rivers, and end up spreading the coast with the action of ocean currents.

The country is situated at the meeting point of the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate, leading to considerable seismic and volcanic activity. There are 14 volcanoes in Italy, three of which are active: Etna(the traditional site of Vulcan’s smithy), Stromboli and Vesuvius.


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