How To Gain Experience As A Video Game Tester

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One must know by now that education is different from experience. To become a video game testers, you need to have enough experience in order to get the job. Below are several ways that you can get the experience needed to get the game tester job that you have always wanted.

  1. Game developmentis not really easy if you don’t have enough knowledge of computers, or if you are not up-to-date with today’s technology. Creating your own mini game is one way of getting the experience most companies require from game testers. If you want to learn how to design your own mini application or game, you can always search the world wide web for instructions on how to do it. Once you learn how to, potential employers can see that you are capable of making and testing a video game.

  2. Writing game testersreviews is another way of letting potential employers know your capability in testing new video games. You can always enhance your writing skills by writing reviews on sites that accept game reviews for free. If you are not sure on how to do it, you can start with short reviews at first, until you finally get the hang of how to write a credible game review. Before making a review, however, you should be sure of the difference between a good and a bad game, and what makes them special.

  3. Organizing local events for video game lovers is a great way for meeting people with the same passion as you do and possibly, learn new tips and techniques from them. You need to be actively participating in gaming communities for such an endeavor to be successful. Showing people you have the ability to organize a gaming event can convince potential employers of your responsibility and capability of handling video gaming challenges.

  4. You can beta test new games to practice your ability of video game testing. To find games that are still in their beta testing phases, you can search the net for a complete list of the said games. You need to be quick in claiming a spot in testing since most vacancies are filled up fast. This is a good way of gaining experience for video game testing, and if you want to get your dream job, then this tip is perfect for you.

There are still a lot of ways for you to gain experience in video game testing, and all you need to do is search the World Wide Web for useful techniques and tips. Being new in the gaming industry can be a tough challenge, since many other people are also aiming to have that same game testing job that you have always dreamed of. Always remember: all you need is a passion for video game testing, and patience in looking for the experience needed to be hired by potential employers.

Gina Kraft wrote the article for Game Shastra. Gina is a supporter of Game Shastra, especially their  Game Development, Game Design, and Game Testers.


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