Paramore Band

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Paramore fans have been screaming along with the band since their first album has been released.  The band was formed around 2004 in Franklin, Tennessee by Haley Williams (lead vocals), who met brothers Josh ( lead guitar/backing vocals) and Zack Farrow (drums) at a private school and Hayley’s friend and neighbor , Jeremy Davis (bass guitar) and  Jason Bynum (rhythm guitar). Hayley was originally signed to Atlantic Records and planning to turn her into a pop star but she resisted. She said that she wanted to sing alternative rock music with a band behind her.  She wanted that the band would be seen the best that they can do and to have the chance to show the world their talents as musicians.

Several albums have already been recorded by Paramore:

All We Know Is Falling:

  • All We Know

  • Brighter

  • Circle

  • Conspiracy (First Song Written Together By The Band)

  • Emergency

  • Franklin

  • Hallelujah

  • Here We Go Again

  • My Heart

  • Never Let This Go

  • Oh Star

  • Pressure

  • Whoa

The Final Riot:

  • Born For This

  • Crush Crush Crush

  • Decoy

  • Emergency

  • Fences

  • For A Pessimist  I’m Pretty Optimistic

  • Hallelujah

  • Here We Go Again

  • Let The Flames Begin

  • Misery Business

  • My Heart

  • Pressure

  • That’s What You Get

  • We Are Broken

  • When It Rains

Brand New Eyes:

  • All I Wanted

  • Brick By Boring Brick

  • Careful

  • Feeling Sorry

  • Ignorance Looking Up

  • Misguided Ghosts

  • Playing God

  • The Only Exception

  • Turn It Off

  • Where The Lines Overlap

The two brothers, Josh and Zack had decided to leave the band.  The members left had a message about the departure of the two brothers but rumor has it that Haley just wanted the band for herself. But Haley has stood up and said that despite the band losing its two founding members, they will still continue to release songs this 2011.

Former members

  • John Hembree – bass guitar (2005)

  • Jason Bynum – rhythm guitar/backing vocals (2004-2005)

  • Hunter Lamb – rhythm guitar (2005–2007)

  • Josh Farro – lead guitar, backing vocals (2004–2010)

  • Zac Farro – drums, percussion (2004–2010)


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