Famous People Born on February 18

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Helen Gurley Brown- (1922- ) Chief editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and author of ‘Sex and the Single Girl’-Arkansas

Dennis DeYoung- (1947- ) Former lead singer of Styx-Chicago, IL

Matt Dillon– (1964- ) actor, Teen Idol in the 1980’s Drugstore Cowboy-New Rochelle, NY

Dr. Dre– (1965- ) Rapper and Music producer-Las Angeles, CA

Hayden Fry– (1929- ) college football coach at Iowa-Eastland, TX

George Kennedy– (1925- ) Cool Man Luke-New York City

Lee Malvo– (1985- ) youngest of the two Washington Snipers-Jamaica

Toni Morrison– (1931- ) African-American novelist-Lorain, OH

Juice Newton– (1952- ) Singer “The Queen of Heart”-Lakehurst Naval Base, NJ

Yoko Ono(1933- ) Wife of Beatles John Lennon-Japan

Molly Ringwald– (1968- ) actress The Breakfast Club-Roseville, CA

Cybill Shepherd– (1950- ) Actress on Moonlighting-Memphis, TN

John Travolta– (1954- ) famous actor Saturday Night Fever played in numerous films-Englewood, NJ

Vanna White– (1957- ) beautiful wheel lady on Wheel of Fortune-myrtle Beach, SC

Mike Wilson- (1976- ) film maker- Michael Moore Hates America-Moberly, MO

These are the famous people who were born on February 18 in history. John Travolta is a famous actor, Juice Newton is a famous singer, Yoko Ono was married to a famous Beatle, Molly Ringwald is known for playing in the Breakfast Club and Matt Dillon was a Teen Idol in the 1980’s

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